Let's Play Factorio! Episode 2 - Let's Build a Smelting Factory!

in gaming •  8 months ago

Alright, today I'm working on the smelting Factory. This is a very important part of generating a huge amount of resources.

Let me know your questions and suggestions below.

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I see how fun Factorio is already. So I guess you are about to get resources to make weapons for protective measures with the metals. Having been in a no man’s land.

I’ll like to know, what is the source of power in that island?


steam for now. Later solar and oil and nuclear


This really sounds great. I sure will start up my own career. Your videos will guide me through the early stages.

Factorio is the kind of game where you're looking for better ways of doing the stuff you do. As I've explained elsewhere, in other online forums and also in the UnOfficial Factorio FAQ that I started late last year, Factorio really has 3 goals:

  1. Make the magic science potions (red, green, blue and alien) so that you can climb the tech tree.

  2. Defend your factory from the pollution-hating hippie aliens who keep attackint it.

  3. Finish the end game by building the Silo, then making a Rocket inside it, and a Satelite as payload for the Rocket.

When I started out, I was very inefficient. I did things quite wrong, and quickly found myself finding ways that were easily 30%, 40% or 50% more efficient than the previous way, or something like that. Then another iteration that felt like a further 30% improvement, and then another. It was, for me, the kind of game where learning was fluid, fluent and intuitive. Most of it, anyway. I tried stuff, tried other stuff, compared, found that the new way of doing X was often better than the previous one. It wasn't long before I switched Peaceful_Mode off so that I had to defend my factory.

Smelting is good for acquiring resources, you can trade with your iron and metal in both local and foreign markets

Ahhh Factorio my old friend. Lost too many hours in that game. I like the mods the most after a couple playtroughs. Really can extend the basegame with higher tier buildings amd such :)


which mods exactly?

Good video review.....

how does this game model disposing of slag?


Unless a huge patch has changed things, there is no real waste like slag to speak of when you create or refine resources. There is just pollution, which increases as your overall production capacity increases.

There is a way to shorten the game through the penetration. Did you cut the link to me the last stages I see it fun but difficult to reach

Very well

OK.. I'll be streaming it with my friend tonight.

OK, I've start watching it already and I like your inventory and the setting of the smelting sites

But @cryptoctopus, why do you like YouTube instead of DTube?

@cryptoctopus Great games...........

Silver , copper and iron as forms of metal are commonly smelted and forged . You’re working on gathering and refining your gathered resources. Forged into armories for protection on the strange land .

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Exciting game explorer! Boiling my brain machine :)

Great informative video

Saya belum bisa memahami nya

I love love love this game. The only thing that isn't my favorite is killing monsters outside of the base... it can be really unpredictable and this part of the game is uninspiring. The building though is absolutely incredible and I absolutely love it.. hope to see more games like it in the future!

You sure love city building don't you :)
I have heard about this game before. I heard that it is more like an engineering game than a city building game whatever that means. May be I should have a look and give it a try. Although my list of games to try is growing day by day.