Let's Play Factorio! Episode 1

in gaming •  20 days ago

Be ready to be blown away by Factorio. If you've never heard of it, it's okay, I didn't know about it since last week...even though it's a 10/10 on Steam.

So far, I have to say it's the best game I've ever played. It's like an hybrid of all my favorite games in one:

1- Ressource management
2- City Planning and design
3- Tower Defense

Add to that engineering and automation and you've got Factorio. Beware not to get started...you might have to say your weekends goodbye!

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I love what this sounds like, building factories. I love this kind of games when you defend territories and strategize. It keeps my weekends in shape.

How I wish we could have this games on some sort of Blockchain. It will be so cool. Does this game come in consoles?

I’ll love to try it out. Thank you for sharing.

I have heard about that game but I haven't try it yet.

My gaming time has been consumed mostly by Civilization VI and The Evil Within 2 :P

Wow! Who designed this game? This is irresistible. Kindly tell me how I can join

Hi @cryptoctopus, kindly tell me how I can have access to this game. The person was developed it must be a genius.

Having worked in manufacturing management, I can really see this game as a must do for all young engineers. One needs planning and to have the big picture, and integrate the parts and their growth. Excellent stuff.

I adore what this sounds like, building production lines. I cherish this sort of recreations when you shield regions and strategize. It keeps my ends of the week fit as a fiddle..
How I wish we could have this diversions on some kind of Blockchain. It will be so cool. Does this diversion come in supports..
I'll want to give it a shot. Much thanks to you for sharing.
Upvote and resteemit done..😘😘

Will it be on Dlive cus I'm ever ready to join?


I've had issues with Dlive unfortunately

Wow factorio looks really interesting. I love it. I will love to play. Thanks for sharing

Wooooow! Lets roll it, i really cant wait right now, but where will the platform be?

Saw it sometime ago on FB!

You already amazed me with Steemgar. I hope this one too break Steemit. :) Fingers crossed @cryptoctopus.

Engineers might love this one too.

That's a YouTube gaming video.
I appreciate your game.
Thank for sharing this game.i interested this game.
All the best @cryptoctopus

hey @cryptoctopus sir it was really Amazing

crypto sir.PNG
i wanna play factoria
thanks for shareing

I've never heard of Factorio before, you called it a hybrid which is always very difficult for games these days but I like the point of view of games in your YouTube video, I'm going to check out the strategies and the levels, thank you for introducing

wow.you deserve a lot of thank you.keep sharing.hope it will be liked to everyone.keep it up.keep going on your way

wonderful video game i like it,,
thanks for shareing..


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Wow..what a amazing gaming sir..i love it.. thanks for sharing

Wonderful game video.i appointment for video.
I watch this video..I like it.

I've never known about Factorio, you called it a half and half which is constantly extremely troublesome for amusements nowadays.

however I like the perspective of diversions in your YouTube video, I will look at the systems and the levels, thank you for presenting...

upvote and resteemit done.

Thanks @cryptoctopus

I love what this sounds like, building factories. I love this kind of games when you defend territories and strategize. It keeps my weekends in shape.

How I wish we could have this games on some sort of Blockchain. It will be so cool. Does this game come in consoles?

I’ll love to try it out.

City Planning and design it's a awesome game. Genius developers develop this game.

Wow! It seems very nice to try. Hopefully I can get through all the obstacles that exist. Thanks @cryptoctopus have shared a nice and very challenging gaming.💪

Wow! Very cool game. Full of strategies that drain the brain :)

Factorio Product (Wiki) can be downloaded play store and I will try it...

Amazing so many moving parts, would seem like a nice weekend game might have to have a go at it.

As far as saying good bye to weekends that might be an understatement.

A very remarkable concept to build this power is a stratesi to victory, An honor can watch vidio Factorio! Episode 1 @cryptoctopus is very useful for us all.

A Very Loud Shed That Will Shake The global market, the most remarkable thing is a life game capable of mastering all corners of the planet and the planet.

What is factoria?

I think this is an incredible imagination and idea that not everyone can create in the form of this Factoriohal game into a concept of future life that must be with an imagination, it is beyond the ability

What is the Basics to Build Resources?

Surely this is the foundation in building an extraordinary power that is capable of transforming all that is impossible into a reality that will bring the prosperity of mankind with its resources.

How to Make Urban Planning and Design?

it is necessary to have the resources to produce a change that brings a miracle light beyond human thought, it needs professionalism and the imagination of a brilliant idea to be born ideal city that can be enjoyed by all humanity.

How Is A Manara Defense?

With the concept that has been built by professionals and An Imagination and the idea that can maintain the tower that was built with a very remarkable concept and strategy that human thinking itself


this is the future game of a strategy and concept of how to win the global market competition that will become a great power and will make a very powerful sound to win it.

See you on the top

Wow . I love what this sounds . Thanks for share this @cryptoctopus

This looks great!

Seems like a cool game. I like the fact that you can actually walk around and participate in your own creation, rather than just observing it. Also, am I correct in assuming that your recent indy gaming activity is an effort to introduce more Steemians to the indy game world to inspire Steem-based games on Steam?;)