Sunset Acroyoga Flow in Santa Barbara!

in fun •  6 months ago

@acromott and I took a trip to Santa Barbara to visit some friends. We spent part of the day at the beach doing acroyoga. As the sun was setting, we decided to film a short acro flow for you all. Sunsets are so pretty, and I love how each sunset is unique. I hope you enjoy our flow.


In today's acro flow you will see the following:

  • whips
  • ninja star
  • hand to hand
  • bird pop
  • reverse star
  • throne pops

What fun activities do you like to do on the beach? Feel free to leave it in the comments below.

acro .jpg
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You guys are awesome! And seems to be so easy! Haha!


hehe! Lots of practice! @acromott also is an amazing base!

The two of you just masterfully showed your acroyoga skills there @karensuestudios just be safe on your executions though but I bet you had done your homework about that already ;)


aww thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the flow!

Wow. You were really floating.

You guys are really Awesome. The way you maintained concentration despite those dogs running around could have distracted someone like me. And in such case, @acromott would have paid heavily for my lack of concentration. 😁😂😁


hahah those dogs were really cute! :) Thanks for watching!

Very good exercise on the beach.

Always wanted to try acroyoga! I enjoy teaching pole but this is something I think you need a good partner for!


Omg! I’ve been playing on the pole recently. Do you know my sister @polebird? She loves to pole!! 😆


Omg!!! Yes I found her a while back on @vermillionfox ‘s blog!!!! Small world!

And soon in the main Square of Brussels ? ^^ You have to train @teamsteem since then :D


Ahahaha!!! The flow will look a lot different 😜

Wow you both rocks and special thing was that on International Yoga Day you have posted great Yoga postures. God bless you both my best wishes with you.


Omg!!! I didn’t realize it was international yoga day! ❤️ Thanks for that!


You are welcome