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Ok all you yogis out there, please don’t be offended by this but I’m just gonna come out and say it - I hate yoga. Hate it. Not the CONCEPT, mind you, but the practice itself, for myself.

I'll be the first to say that the practice of yoga is amazing and has done great things for countless people. I promise I'm not knocking it!

I am so envious of the placid, flexible, graceful folks out there who look so comfortable and strong in tree pose, and so at home during sun salutations. Needless to say, I am not one of those people!

If you couldn’t tell by looking at me, I’m much more “meathead” than “zen”… Nothing wrong with that, but despite my efforts and full acknowledgements of the many benefits, I have just never had a pleasant experience with traditional yoga that left me feeling better leaving the studio than when I entered.

I also want to be especially clear that I have been fortunate enough to take classes from wonderful teachers that I both adore and respect, so it’s nobody’s fault whatsoever - it has just never been my jam, that’s all :)

That being said, I took my own advice to #trysomething and step out of my comfort zone again - this time to try a class called Yoga Sculpt.

Before: perhaps just a little skeptical...

I’m not sure if this is a class particular to the studio (CorePower Yoga) I visited or if it’s a more widespread concept, but the best way I can describe this workout is that it utilizes a handful of yoga poses and some “flow” along with handheld weights and more traditional strength, core building, and cardio movements (plus a VERY hot room) to get your whole body working - and sweating PROFUSELY - over the course of an hour.

A handful of my friends, many of whom know of my feelings regarding more traditional yoga practice, had expressed that they thought I might like Yoga Sculpt, and I was admittedly pretty skeptical… But one of my favorite people, my friend Aaron, enjoys it so much and is a lot like me in terms of fitness preferences so I decided to finally accompany him to a class and I’m so glad I did!


After: sweaty (very sweaty) and SO happy!

It was so much fun, and super challenging! I don’t usually sweat a whole lot during regular workouts even if I’m hustling, but I was absolutely pouring sweat almost immediately - my clothes were completely soaked! I really appreciated how the yoga poses were used as static holds during which to accomplish weighted work, and that the teacher kept the class moving the entire time. My heart rate was through the roof - not something I expected from a class that had “yoga” in the name!

When I finished, I felt refreshed and energized - that sensation alone was pretty epic, because typically after a workout that is strenuous enough to burn 700 calories (wow, right?) I’m pretty fried!

I felt so good coming home to a healthy snack and tons of water, and I slept so soundly…

I can’t wait to do more of these classes - I think I’ll go again tonight! :)

Have you ever tried something like this, or any other kind of fusion workout? Do you care for yoga or is the gym more your scene? Or are you one of the lucky ones who loves both?

Please feel free to comment, upvote, or resteem if you’d like! :)

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Cool pose, outfit, and tips


Thanks friend!

This is awesome, because I am just like you.
I have been doing boxing and kickboxing for about 20 + years, so I like to do hard and tense training and I always thought of yoga, a waste of time even though I know it is good for your body and mind, but I don't think I have the patience for it.
I have never tried yoga, but by the sounds of it I will have to try Yoga Sculpt one day, so thanks for sharing.


Hahaha I totally get that! Yeah, definitely - this workout kicked the crap out of me, I bet you'd like it! Kickboxing and boxing are both GNARLY, you're such a badass!!!

Ok confession, I have only tried yoga once, well it was a yogalates class, they were mixing yoga with pilates. And I won't lie I only went to the class to see if there were any cute girls there. lol And I always made fun of yoga and pilates. This was like 12 years ago when I was much younger. lol That class kicked my butt! And I was in pretty good shape! lol Haven't done it since though, but will never make fun of yoga or pilates again! lol :) I am just too lazy to do it now. for shame I know. haha


Hahaha you're not the only guy who's done that! I used to do pilates and ladies who were old enough to be my grandma absolutely CRUSHED me, they were sooooo strong haha... I definitely get it! Yoga and pilates are so hard in their own ways for sure! :D


hahaha :) Oh yeah they are, some of those poses I am like, what??? how long do I hold it for??? lol how do you expect me to not fall down??? lol :)

is swimming okay on a leg day? or does it ruin gains?


If your goal is to gain mass, as long as you don't do too much you should be ok... Once the duration and/or intensity of your cardio work (swimming is cardio and resistance) you're doing becomes too long/intense, it can interfere with your strength and size gains. I'd say to opt for a couple swims per week at under an hour in length, and maybe use it primarily for active recovery if you're trying to bulk :)

Cool that you have tried something new outside of your comfort zone 💪 sounds interesting!

I can completely relate to everything you shared here haha. I was in Karate for a while and then got into fitness and yoga always sounded like something I would never enjoy. I tryed it a while ago and truly hated it- I can't lie. However, I got an injury on my spine and I was forced to quit active sport and go into yoga. It was for yoga and yoga-inspired exercises that I'm in a shape that allows me to go back to sports now. Yoga is tough and definitely not very enjoyable for people like us but does miracles and should be given a shot!