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Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Neutral
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction (by 2019) - Primary Wave [3] - $2,853

My Comprehensive List of Tutorials
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Lesson 1 - Bitfinex Tutorial - How to Customize and Set Up Bitfinex
Lesson 2 - How to Analyze Candlesticks Charts with Strategy
Lesson 3 - Moving Averages
Lesson 4 - Relative Strength Index RSI with Advanced Strategy
Lesson 5 - MACD and Histogram
Lesson 6 - Margin Trading Long, Shorting, Leveraging
Lesson 7 - Basic Risk Management
Lesson 8 - Fibonacci Retracement Part 1
Lesson 9 - Fibonacci Extension Part 2
Lesson 10 - Laddering
Lesson 11 - How To Interpret Time Frames
Lesson 12 - Swing Trading Advanced 55 EMA Strategy
Lesson 13 - Introduction To Elliot Wave Theory
Lesson 14 - Using a Basic Excel Tracker for Risk Management
Lesson 15 - Automatic Stop Sell/Buy Executions
Lesson 16 - Advanced 55 EMA Strategy with Time Frames and MACD Part 2
Lesson 17 - 6 Hours Live Trade Scalping. Growing $2,000 Account into $3,500
Lesson 18 - Bitcoin BTC Feb 6 - BTC Update - Summary of ABCDE with live play.
Lesson 19 - Elliot Wave Theory, Fibonnaci Retracement & Extension (Combined with Feb 11 BTC TA)
Lesson 20 - Advanced Elliot Wave WXY With Feb 11 Technical Analysis
Lesson 21 - Using Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, And Extensions To Obtain Targets (Combined witFeb 11 BTC TA)
Lesson 22 - Risk Management, Channels, Fib Retracement, Fib Extension. Summarizing Feb 11 BTC

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The ultimate goal is to help the crypto community because I think there's a lack of these type of videos. I want to share everything I've learned because knowledge is only power if passed on. These are educational videos intended to teach how to think through thought-out rationalization.


Legal stuff here. I'm not financial advisor. This is just my opinion that I'm sharing with the community. All information is for yours to process how you wish.

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You have no idea how much you are appreciated. It's a broken record, but you've really changed my life. It was upsetting for me to read some of the negativity surrounding your posts and hearing the frustration in your voice made me pretty sad yesterday. Just know that your pod will always have your back. Maybe it's our fault for not always raising our voice, but I'm sure the number of baby whales, mini dolphins, and tiny penguins outweigh the poisonous tentacles and nasty piranhas that are always hating on us. If you read this, let me know if there's any way to contact you directly. I want to send you a pack of Cherry Coke and some goodies for Luna!


i loveeeeee youuu. is that taylor swift or you? :D I really appreciate the kind words. It's not a broken record :)


The profile pic? Haha that's my fianceee and she loves you too. Since you use a picture of your wifey, I figured I'd do the same with mine. Our date nights consist of watching endless Philakone TA and lesson videos nowadays :)


It looks like taylor swift!!! <3<3


Man you are a star!!!!! THANKS YOU ...THANK YOU

When you upload a one hour video and after 5 minutes you've already got 20 upvotes then you know you're da bomb :-) Happy to hear you again in your enthusiastic mode


Thanks Philbo. Does that make Luna Gollum? Or should I say Lunnum?

Ahahahah) Phil & Luna are back )

Appreciate the boost of confidence and Elliot Waves. Each day that passes and each video you create makes me understand EW even more. Thanks for being such a role model! (Ignore the jealous haters... but reading some of your replies you have way more - way way more supporters! AAraaarrrarroooo!)

Always grateful for everything you share Mr. Philakone. Thank you!

I love your analysis and my baby girl loves Luna!!! Commentary best ever, honestly. Thank you so much!!! Really made me motivated.

Hey Phil great video! We would really love to see more about Elliott Waves especially here on steemit

Thank you Philakone

Make sure to have your second breakfast Philpo! :)

Nice to hear your spirits back my dude! As always thanks for they great material. I'm almost done with your lessons and I have to say your swing trade strategy is beautiful!

Hi Phil, just wanted to say that i really appreciate your work. Mostly your effort in the lessons. so far i havent follow any of your trades, mostly observing and learning. however, with my first succesfull trade i make sure i stop being "a free ride". thank you for your efort crazy guy

you have replaced Peter L Brandt for many!

Best eth video yet

Logging in just to upvote you and reply to you. As usual, your content is a beautiful gift. Your are the best teacher in the space, period.
Keep going mama whale.

@philakone I tried to start counting the waves from the bottom of the larger wave 2 until today, but it seems very wrong , waves are almost flat! Can you make some TA on the smaller scope on ETH?

Philakone is going on an Eastern European trip :D :D :D

PS: Thanks for everything :) :) :)

Thank you soooooo much Phil! I love you! You are changing my life!

I Watched 30 minutes before I looked at how long this video was, Lol. Appreciate you sticking to your gun on making quality video regardless how long it takes. Automatic Upvote!!!


BAM! I'm happy to help out. Thank you very much.

awesome as always. voted ^_^

Really like your video's!

You make learning so much fun... I'm done with shitty trading and going to soak up all your knowledge so I can become a better trader.

keep up the good work Philbo :)

Ban The Haters!

@philakonecrypto Thank you so much man !! Looking forward to ride this wave with you. Love your videos daddy whale!

Thanks so much Phil! We are so lucky that having you providing us with so much valuable knowledge at no cost which worth so much more than what i am learning from my college!