Unboxed Network ICO - Get Paid to Post on Social Media like Youtube or Instagram

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Social media is big, hey we are on Steemit the blockchain based social media so we know it best!
Now this ICO is also going for monetizing the social media and posts on them but with different angle than we have here.

Meet Unboxed Network

As you know i like when theres a live product and this network already exists and pays, they worked for super big brands and have great numbers. Now they are adding tokens and blockchain on top of their payment system.

The Idea

Brands create a campaign, then our trusted network of thousands of Marketing Experts find the best Unboxers for the project. An Unboxer is a social media user like you who gets paid for posting and engaging. And to make payments instant and secure, we use Escrow for distributing funds.


You can grab some initial tokens for filling simple tasks like following on social media or subscribing with email. Just register to their site here


Currently there is a 55% pre-sale bonus and you can pay with Ethereum and Credit Card.
1 NBOX token is $0.057

Website: https://unboxed.network
Whitepaper: https://unboxed.network/static/download/Unboxed-Whitepaper.pdf
Discount link (extra 5% tokens when used): https://unboxed.network/c/ea92c7

This post is just an information. As always remember to do your own research before investing into any

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I love these kinds of ideas. We need these to remove the middle man that gobbles up our part of the share. Most of the people don't even know that networks make money out of their personal social media activity.

Its debatable whether this money making is direct or indirect but whatever the case, users deserve their share of the profit. Maybe projects like Unbox can deliver it to them.


Agreed. Taking out the middle man is good for everyone involved (except the middle man himself, obviously!). You're definitely right - if anyone is profiting off our social media posts, we deserve a piece of that.

--Jeroen Van den Bosch, co-founder of Virtual Universe


Agreed. Taking out the middle man is good for everyone involved (except the middle man himself, obviously!). You're definitely right - if anyone is profiting off our social media posts, we deserve a piece of that.

--Jeroen Van den Bosch, co-founder of Virtual Universe

You always point out some great opportunities I'm unaware of, thank you.
I like that credit cards are an option.

How many are there? Do they have a cast system so good content can't be seen? Have you heard of Stishit. It has both de and centralized ... are there others?

Thanks for sharing, so valuable information

Not enough time in a day. Another platform, another crypto. Will it get huge? To the moon? Sure, why not. 😀

great information and ideas. thanks

I joined with your link hehehe...I am just finishing the simple tasks .

Never underestimate the animistic value of a good post. Greetings and my great regards.

Great info, it is nice that you share these kind of opportunities.


Great info, it is
Nice that you share these kind of

                 - arnel

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Many decentralized social media platforms are coming. One of the biggest problems is adoption. Let's see how will these platforms try to get people to use them against the giants.

Why should using google and Facebook be rewarded...?

Unboxed network pays you to post on social media and is giving away $1 million worth of Unboxed tokens

I think I am so interested in this site.

Let me quickly bookmark it, will register with your link once I clear some of my browser tabs.

@kingscrown thanks for the info the vision is great if they can delever it would be even better.

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That thing may be very vital to be heard. thanks for spreading this essential message to us sir...

UnBoxed is very good ICO. Looking forward to their ICO

New token with a great concept that's something amazing i thing this token gonna huge in the market if it's completes all its road map on time nobody can stop this token to rick the moon. : )

thanks for the information the vision is great.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Looks a great promising project with high potential

this is a good idea

How do you get paid off of your posting?

I thought this was cool until I really thought about it.
Do I really want to be shilling products just because some company wanted to pay me money to do so? Not really.
I use affiliate links in my posts sometimes but it's for products or services that I actually use and think is the best. I don't want to be promoting products that I don't really care about.

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I didn't know what to do these days.
Thanks for the good information. I'll come and see you often.

Not heard about these guys, thanks for sharing and i will check them out. Keep up the great content!