EOSIO Dawn 4.0 Release

in eos •  7 months ago


  • Feedback on Dawn 4.0 RAM

  • Test Network Status

  • Subjective CPU Resource Usage is Back

  • EOSIO 1.0 Coming Soon

P.S. The option to decline payout is gone. Very sad day.

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This is really nice way to say "I'm Not Interested"!...Wish you would have got some time for Steem.


Most welcome Boss @dan 😅🙏


Drinking and reading, "aint nobody got time for that." ... I just spit Mt. Dew onto my desk lol funny stuff



nice Vadar coin there silverdad...I approve!


Hahaha....the boss ain't got time for that. 😂


hahaha classic @dan


It's funny to hear that Dan don't know the some buttons are. His head is now all thinking about EOS 😂


@dan and lovely responses


That comment actually deserved your full upvote, @dan.


@dan any advice on where we should send our EOS when the party starts in June?


Not sure why it didn't remain in the UI when making a post. It would be nice if in your preferences you could set your default choice, but still have the option to switch it on the fly when making a post.


Well that's because many new minnows accidentally click on decline Payouts and because of that they got nothing from their hardwork,so to make sure that everything work smoothly,steemit made this change.


The default was 50%/50%, but if they went out of their way to choose "decline payout," that's unfortunate, but ehh, sounds like natural selection.


I always wondered where that went

Hey @dan, when is ONO getting on EOS blockchain? We are anxiously waiting..

If these two hours are any indication, perhaps your splash here wont be so devestating to the aquaculture anymore.

Who wouldve ever thought that dan could only pull 20sbd on a post?
A year ago that wouldve been crazy talk.

Thanks for letting go, now if we could get a couple others to move on, too.

Wow wow wow

This is good news!


It's still very much available

good job buddy, it is always coming with new progress all the time

@dan the Chief Technological Office. Nice job you doing with EOS.

I love the updates but what happned to the decline payout option?

There is no doubt that this project has a big future ahead of it...the future starts now.
Thanks for sharing this information.

This is good news

If u posted using busy.org you could still decline payout. Amazing work on the EOS.IO so far.

!!! Lets go, few more weeks left.


P.S. The option to decline payout is gone. Very sad day.

yaa its obviously a good news

This is an amazing news though

Awesome 🚀

Thanks 👍🏻


Great post sir.

The option to decline payout is gone? ooops... never mind ,,, boss got the memo now (-:

Really? Is there something massive coming @dan? Please spare the technical part I'm just a lay man sir?

Really good news
You are here like me
You are a successful and wonderful person
I wish you all the best😍

Great work indeed!
I love the energy of the logo and the entire project.

Yet from my experience some thick skin is really necessary to remain on track here. There seem to be some distractions as well on the road (or opportunities depending on the perspective). Steemit, EOS surely are a great gateways into the world of cryptocurrency, and introduced me into quite some interesting projects such as UBIs ( Manna or SwiftDemand), or HOdlcoin, yet with all these myriads of new coins which are potential hits (like EOS, or now Verge as I just read it), keeping focused might get a bit more difficult, because the mind easily becomes entangled in questions regarding which way is the way to go. People probably eventually use the tokens they have, so there is not "the way".

We will see how all this works out :)

I am very excited to see how EOS will play out among all those cryptocurrencies.

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Great news. Thanks for sharing sir

Good the Bench team is waiting...

They are anxious to build something out using EOS and taking over the world. After all, @stan himself claims it will be the universal blockchain.

You Larimers are big on bold moves, arent you?

Great Strides!

Let it keep rolling

Wow, it's much improved!

Block.one CTO Daniel Larimer has announced the release of EOSIO Dawn 4.0, the latest version of the architecture of EOSIO platform for decentralized applications (DApps). The update includes a number of changes in preparation for the full launch of EOSIO 1.0 in June, according to Larimer’s Medium post Saturday, May 5.

Block.one is an open source software publisher currently working on EOSIO, a decentralized operating system designed for industrial-scale applications. EOS, the ERC20 Token that is fueling the EOSIO platform, currently has the fifth largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

One month after Dawn 3.0 was released on April 6, the 4.0 update includes a number of new features and guidelines, according to Larimer’s Medium post.

It is mainly focused on inter-blockchain communication, a feature that Block.one believes to be critical for scaling blockchains up for large user bases.

According to Daniel Larimer, Dawn 4.0’s inter blockchain communication would give applications running on different blockchains the ability to purchase the unused RAM from each other over “multiple chains with independent memory regions running on independent hardware.” Specifically, Block.one predicts “many applications will prefer the many-chain approach to scaling as it will lower overall costs and scale faster.”

Dawn 4.0 seeks to encourage users to distribute their unused RAM by letting supply and demand govern the price. As EOSIO expects increased demand for RAM, the price will automatically increase, “so that the price approaches infinity before the system runs out of RAM.”

Finally . Yay!!! Let the journey begins

Waiting patiently for EOSIO 1.0

EOS is the new Bae.

Yayy!. Congratulations. This is huge!. Well done. Hard work pays. I respect your work a lot.

Somebody please notify me when new EOS associated social media come out, thank you! Looking forward to that!

excited to see what @dan has in store for Steem 2.0. I wonder when he plans to start working on it? I understand that EOS is his #1 priority.

Greetings @dan , i recently made a content to help new user to understand more about the community , check it out and curate it to encourage me , you can resteem to help new users.....

I think this can be made great.

This is very good news

Why not play a lot when I'm already big.
we small want to have steempower that big
We will always be at pc 24 hous

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Yes ofcourse @lasseehlers That should be in Trending My friend.

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