✨DTube Exclusive 🤩Jimmy Fallon Featuring KawaiiCrush Museum Adventure! We almost killed Grandma!😲

in dtubedaily •  8 months ago

In this DTube Exclusive we went to Clifton Hill Niagara Falls to bring more Fun to the Block Chain! In this Vlog we went into Movieland Wax Museum and caused all sorts of trouble!😜I sat on Obamas Lap.. gave him a massage in front of Michelle! And we brought Grandma through the Horror section with a heart condition! Fun for the whole family!

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Your granny is brave and admirable!! : ) I dont think my grandma would try this, she is literally unbrave.


Oh yes thank you so much for your comment @kiddady! Yes she did it for the vlog! Normally we could never get her to go through a horror house!

You guys really had fun and as for the marriage thing? Oh no.
The figure-images looks so real.
You both are indeed a happy pair.


Yes thank you! The wax images really do look real don't they! I am glad you enjoyed our vlog @topfreeser!

wow do they actually reply you? is it voice activated? so cool!


No that was Grandma talking lol.. we asked her to pretend for us hehehe.. glad you liked it @Vincy!

Yay fellow Canadian💃💃💃💃 how on earth you get dTube working for you???

I always have a hard time even to view them, damn 😂


Hey Canuck!! How is life!? Hmm do you think the internet signal is not as strong where you are at? Or maybe it is just DTube? Not sure? Most times things play for me.. but sometimes they dont.. I would say 89% everything plays.. but not sure if that is because of Bell Canada or what.. I have high speed.. Thanks for your comment friend! Always nice to meet a fellow Canadian!!


Fun Fun Fun!! Yes Yes Yes!!!