Decide My Life: Where Should I Travel Next? [Episode 1]

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Hey DTube! It's Your Beloved Blockchain Wolf Cartel

The premise of this show is simple: you get to make decisions about my life. Today you get to decide where I will travel to next. The three options are: Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

But Wait There’s More!

You also get to choose the challenge I will undertake on Day 2 of my arrival (at the chosen country of course). The challenges are:

  1. Meet 20 People and Introduce Myself and DTube.
  2. Drink All Domestic Beers In 10 Mins (I know I said an hour but that’s way too long!)
  3. See The Top 10 Attractions In The Same Day

The Rules Are Simple

I will count comments individually. Yes one by one. So leave your comment below!

I hope you guys have fun choosing my fate :)

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My suggestion would be Malaysia; it's a beautiful country with rich culture, amazing food, and peaceful and friendly people, so you can meet 20 people there and introduce to them yourself, Steemit and Dtube.

Vietnam. Top 10. Make sure one of them is a war attraction though.

From personal experience i am going to advice you to visit malaysia and See The Top 10 Attractions In The Same Day....malaysia is a nice country to have fun

I am watching your full dtube video . You give first three choice .. All of those are best for your travel but i think, Malaysia is best of them.. You can go a long tour in malaysia .. In Malaysia has many wonderful and amazing place for turism.. For that i refer you Malaysia.. @cartel

Cambodia 🇰🇭 sounds right to me my friend, so let’s choose some challenges for you

  1. Meet 20 People and Introduce Myself and DTube.
  2. Drink All Domestic Beers In 10 Mins . This sounds like a real challenge

Go to Cambodia and drink all the beers!!

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Reason: It's the best !!!

Go to Malaysia and meet 20 people and introduce yourself and DTube.

That is a WIN/WIN situation

VIETNAM - Meet 20 people

WOW Difficult situation to choose which destination. Now what I can recommend is that you read well their laws and regulations in these countries apply to tourists, you must be very careful with their customs. I recommend Malaysia

All 3 are amazing travel destinations, if I have to choose 1 then Cambodia.

Veitnam and go to try the seafood place there lol. I miss the food in Vietnam so much. Meet 20 people :)

Cambodia - Top 10 Attractions :)

The Results are IN!!!

Cambodia has been picked with a majority of 6 votes!

Malaysia and Vietnam were tied with 5 votes. Resulting in 16 votes being counted total.
Can I just say I love that this is all verifiable on the blockchain?

The vote for the challenges is still open and will conclude in 2 days.

See you in Cambodia!

Visit Nepal (Mt. Everest)


May be... Mount everest is the highest tall hill in the world

Cambodia ;)

Winny out...for now ;)



Vietnam : Meet 20 people and Introduce yourself and DTube

Vietnam: Meet 20 peeps.

I would suggest to go to Malaysia and see the top 10 destinations in a day.

I vote for Cambodia! Beautiful country with a lot to see.
And drink all the domestic beers !

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If I were in your shoes, I would go to Malaysia and try their Tiger beer.

Travel to vietnam and drink all domestic beers in 1 hour, while you meet 20 people and introduce yourself and Dtube. The next day u can visit all the top 10 attractions!

Vietnam has the best food :)

Muy bueno amigo saludos desde venezuela


Saludos! Las mujeres Venezuela son hermosas!

@cartel . Excellent choices between Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

We are not in our best time, but the nature still continues showing your best facet in venezuela. Maybe in the future You adventures to come to venezuela. Look:

Pico Bolivar


Los Roques


Los Medanos de Coros

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Well of course that Argentina!


I wish I could but I’m too far here in Asia. Love the wine from Mendoza!


They have this tour called "Ruta de los vinos" you would love it.

I think the one I would like most to see is Vietnam, so that would be my choice.

North Korea. Say hi to Kim, and slap 10 generals

Mallorca xD

I guess going to Vietnam could be a lot of fun.

#fukushima to see the #radioactive , wild boar and how they have moved into abandon houses

Good work...

nice work.