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Bitcone baby. that's what's up. and while you're at it you shud be fucking with SMOKECone! real spit

Mune pofoeleo LOL

I think you should sell a Bitcone and do some trading. I think you should have bought some steem at $2.60.

hey crypto twins nice portfolio

good video!

Good performance keep it on.

Lmao, I'll use bitcone from now on and mune pofoeleo, funny as fuck.

Sorry my thumbdown was just a test.

What!? You guys are on here too! Buy some Moh Bitcone!! 😂😂😂 You guys know that your Moon portfolios are going to look REAL Good after the Consensus Conference! I foresee some moon action happening before and after the conference. Man, I love your intro's "Yeahhh hold it steady now - Yeeaahh.. lol

You have a lot of BITCONE & LITCONE! Can i have some?

BitCONE, I hope you both CONE that phrasing.

Better not own that shit token tron haha :)



250 a cone, lmao!

Lol good Video and nice Job. But LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


Thanks for sharing..

Have some recommendations on my portfolio you could consider


i am holding stratis , sc , brust , fldc , fun , fuel , grc ,

I have about 400$ worth of BTC, 100$ of EOS and some few other altcoins all about 600$ in total. I'm only hoping it goes up soon coz that's more than a year of my savings.


Never invest more than you are willing to lose! I am sure you will be fine though. May want to consider bitcoin cash as well. This industry is still in the infant stage. Lots of exciting new developments, trends and growth still to come!

Invest it in Steem. This seems to be where it's at.

The information you submitted is very good and good, but I am not able to give the solution because I'm less proficient in that field, but I can take experience from your post, thanks ... #hodgetwins.

Them Bitcone, I think you should invest in steem cone, you guys are hilarious!

very interesting i must say

It's really good projects.

go to mooooooooooooooooooon

I have invested in ICo's and Vechain. Vechain to the moon.


Vechain THOR to the moon with the low market cap! I cannot wait to start staking.


Dude it's going to be so amazing!