Eating At Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian

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This is another restaurant I could eat at every day if I were to live in Sacramento. The dishes were cheap, healthy and delicious and had some inspiring names which are always a big plus.

Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian has 4 stars on Yelp with 718 reviews. Yelp has a discount for some restaurants which is one of the many things I've learned from hanging out with @karensuestudios.

Well, that's another memorable moment with @karensuestudios and @acromott!

Daily Routine

Upon waking up, I did my 48 Pranayama breaths, I skipped my meditation and went straight to reading around 20 minutes and then writing for 20 minutes. I also ran 10k. I hadn't been running the 2 previous days. I began doing chin-ups for the past 2-3 days. They are quite challenging but I love it.


Two of cryptocurrencies main advantage over national currencies are their lower transaction fees and the protection they can offer against the monetary inflation of national currencies.

No matter how efficient a cryptocurrency is (lower transaction fees), its value is widely influenced by its distribution. The reason is simple. It usually makes sense for investors to spread their risks.

If someone owned all the Bitcoin, then these Bitcoin would practically be worthless and another chain would probably start which would lead to a better, less risky distribution.

Bitcoin seemingly having the most widespread distribution, current and ongoing, might explain why it has the biggest market cap, even though it's far from being the most efficient blockchain.

Over time, an increasing number of people will begin using more efficient blockchain and as a result, will increase their value.

Bitcoin Distribution (1/6/18)

Bitcoin Distribution (Today)

Bitcoin Rich List

The Bitcoin address with the most Bitcoin has 85,947 BTC. This excludes the top 5 addresses owned by exchanges. This account is currently worth more than $550 millions and is set to be worth many billions if cryptocurrencies were to replace national currencies.

It's interesting to note that the vast majority of the top 100 richest address didn't take out any Bitcoin in the last 6 months. Here's the top 10 addresses excluding the top 5 addresses owned by exchanges.

Information about these can be found here.

Bitcoin Weekly Volume

The Bitcoin weekly transaction volume hasn't been this low since July of last year.

Order Book

There seems to be some support at the current price.

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Understanding Steem


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Its always fun when you hang out with @karensuestudios. Do you guys live in same country ?


Nope. Sadly.


Hmmm wow, thats crazy stuff there, i hope to meet you and her in person some day, cause you both have amazing personalities. My first time on steemit blockchain i mistook both of ya for couples.😂😂😂😂😂

Good to see you are eating veg food .I am always eat veg food .

yeah, what a nice presentation of steem. Now SBD is very low I hope it will soon be high enough for us newbie it is our air to breathe. Thank 's you're a great mentor to us! God blessed.

Excellent video you shared.every day i enjoy dlive video.

I wonder who owns that big fat bitcoin wallet?

Good to hear you do pranayama too. It has helped me a lot!

Nice vlog i like your great working

That is awesome!!

Watching right now...

Now a day cypto market is very low. The steemiter hopeless for this condition

The Vlog was .. emm... entertaining lol
I still need to read hundreds of these posts to get to understand how bitcoin works and what makes its price go up and down 😏


Hi buddy, i showed to tell you that i have made something for you and @karensuestudios and she likes it ^^ i hope you can give it a look and i hope you like it too.

Next i will be adding @acromott to another portrait :D!

Have a great day

OMG I saw Andy Nguyen’s and I thought, "do they have those outside of Sacramento?" I'm so excited to see more Sacramentans here!

I'm amazed at what the Bitcoin has done since my beginnings entering crypto. I started in early January of 2018.

Hello my dear i hope that you're good this a drawing for you PORTRAIT VERSION this time hope you like it 😟

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