Visiting The Bubblegum Alley

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This alley is an icon of the United States on par with the Statue Of Liberty and The White House.

Who never heard of The Bubblegum Alley of San Luis Obispo? Unless you're from the region or just like us, searched for fun stuff to do while visiting San Luis Obispo, the chances are slim you've ever heard of it. Yet it's still somewhat famous!

According to the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Improvement Association (BIA), the origin of the gum is "a little sketchy". Some historians believe that the tradition of the alley started after WWII as a San Luis Obispo High School graduating class event.

Others believe it started in the late 1950s, as rivalry between San Luis Obispo High School and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) students. By the 1970s, Bubblegum Alley was well established. When shop owners complained that it was "unsanitary and disgusting", the alley underwent a full cleaning. The gum graffiti survived two full cleanings in the 1970s. In 1996, the BIA unsuccessfully attempted to have another alley cleaning.

Throughout the years, San Luis Obispo's Bubblegum Alley has been featured on a number of television shows, news programs, and in newspapers around the world. Newspapers such as the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have addressed the disgusts and delights of the gum wall visitors. Other newspaper articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan, the Times Union from Albany, New York, and The Guardian in the United Kingdom. KSBY Action 6 News did a story about the alleyway.

Join @karensuestudios, @acromott and I on our Gonzo adventure to Bubblegum Alley!

P.S. I avoid aspartame and all artificial "sugars".

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Greetings, Teamsteem

I confess I never heard that Bubblegumvaley. I think only the people who live in your country know. I live here in Brazil and have never read or heard. I found it funny the video of you in this place and you putting the gum there haha. I honestly would not do it hehehe not.

I imagine that this place should represent a lot for several people, because each one must have put a gum in some phase of life, right?

Gum is something I chew almost every day. I chew on those who are sugar-free. I bought four at the supermarket today. They were on sale!!!! If I ever come there, I'll stick a gum there hehehe!

Thank you for posting and good afternoon!!!!

Did you ever ride the Monster at La Ronde in the 90's? Not sure if it's still like that, but there used to be TONS of gum on all the walls along the twisty pathway where you waited in line. And people stuck tons of pennies in the gum, there must have been at least $100 in pennies lol


I did and I did remember it. I also think they removed them at some point.


I wonder what happened to the pennies? lol I know at malls, they often used to donate coins people threw in the fountains to charities. I hope they did the same - well, maybe clean them first, then donate them lol

I do not know which eyes to look at this, haha The first thing I would do is clean up that alley, how can kids be there?

Due to the complaints of neighbors and dealers in the area, who protested because they considered the state of this street unpleasant and unhealthy, the place was subjected to two thorough cleaning. The last, in 1985. It was useless: the chewing gum came back to take its place and the enemies of Bubblegum Alley decided to throw in the towel. That's all I know about that, it does not seem to me at all beautiful

hello friend @teamstem, when you go in the car, you remind me when I was a child and always went behind but I always showed my face between the driver and the co-driver, I didn't want to lose the excitement, that place sure is one of the most sticky in the world, you look like a trio of kids looking for adventures, this time sticky! I love gum, to be difficult to leave my gum there, hehehee greetings

OMG soooo iconic !
Lol That was fun times! :)

haha tough choice where to put that gum :D Enjoy your time!

LOL, that was intense, but I could see the "art " in it all. Great Vid

Thank you so much for watching this beautiful video of yours, thank you very much for giving me such a beautiful video.

We have one in seattle too in post alley.

heh je je good video @teamsteem those moments were very funny and never forget

Bubblegum alley! It’s something I’ve never heard of! So interesting.

OMG...It's gross.lolzzz
Nice spot selection by Karen, I bet only a few get too high to reach that spot...

Oh that was fantastic you guys, and you really captured the mood of it with that front screen too, hahaha! So gross, yet fascinating at the same time- A little twitterpated over the manliness of @acromott lol!

I like your great work, it is just great.

Damn I grew up in California, my family would take me their multiple times a year. I would grab my little sisters and pretend I was going to push them into the gum covered walls. I remember their being tons of people in the shop next the the alley lining up to buy chewing gum. They only had one brand of gum, I was surprised lol.

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I just went there yesterday! It's fascinating and disgusting all at the same time.

wow cool , i also love it, i would like to go there, but i can't go