Banned five mysterious places that are still unknown to everyone today

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Banned five mysterious places that are still unknown to everyone today

There is no shortage of strange things in this world. But there is no shortage of man's creation. There are so many places in the world where you can never go unless you are not in the list of people listed in the hand. The security of these places is so rugged that very few people know about those places that are far away from the place. Here are five such places to talk about.

  1. Area 51:

Area 51 is located in the United States of Nevada. Earth-51 does not end the speculation of people around the world. There is a fairly rough space around this place. This place is publicly banned. Basically it is a military base camp. But sometimes many strange weird things happen to happen. According to many, it is often seen to fly in unknown objects (UFOs), strange bodies of strange creatures can be found, and they can hear terrible sounds. But today, what is unknown here to everyone. And why so much security?

  1. EC Grand Shrine:

This place is located in Japan. This is Japan's most secretive and sacred place. It is assumed that the EC Grand Sring was made in 4 BC. Since then, no one could enter without Raja's family and Priest. After 20 years, this string was rebuilt. Historians think that the Japanese empire is valuable and thousands Year old documents are hidden, unknown to the world.

  1. Vatican Secret Archives:

Vatican City is a mysterious place for ages. This Vatican City is a testimony to many ancient history of the world. This secret archive is called the storehouse of secret. Only a small number of people are allowed to enter this place. The archives are 84 kilometers long. It is estimated that there are about 84,000 books (eighty thousand thousand). According to historians, the secret documents of Christianity, Pagan, Messner and other different religions and doctrines are preserved here.

  1. Club 33 of Disneyland:

Club-33-Off-DisneylandDijnland is famous for entertaining people. The world's name for entertainment. Everything here is open to the general public. But a club has been highly restructured. The name of the club is Claw 33 Walt Disney itself is the founder of the club. The process of becoming a member is so complex that after 14 years of applying for a membership, you will get the reply.

  1. Masco Metro-2:

The location of this place is Russia. It's the world's largest underground city. But the Russian government never had the existence of this place. This place was created during the Stalin era. People believe that it is connected to the Kremlin with FSB Headquarter. In such a place, people do not know the existence of a person well enough to know the existence of it very well.

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I'm happy not to go to these places; I prefer howling at the moon any day...


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