My Life in 8 Songs - Thursday 19 July - with @anarcotech, @breakoutthecrazy & @klynic

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Trying something a little different this week to promote this week's episode of My Life In Songs...

We have three more great steem musicians from three great continents.

Dylan @anarcotech is joining us the UK, Chris and Katya who make up @breakoutthecrazy are coming on the show from the USA, and @klynic is beaming in from Nigeria.

This is the second time on the show for @anarcotech and @klynic who both came on the old format show. Now they are back on to play 8 of their own songs.

@breakoutthecrazy will be our second duo on the show.

The 'My Life in 8 Songs' show airs on MSP Waves Radio on Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm UTC.

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You can listen to the show via the PAL Discord server, via on Twitch at, or here on DLive.

If you missed last week's show with @yidneth, @lorenzopistolesi and @seveaux the recording is available here on DLive :

My live stream is at DLive

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