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Over to dlive right away. Can't express my excitement when this game is being played by you .

Waoooo beautifull city

It's really amazing to see @cryptoctopus on dlive. And cities skyline is love.It feels like you are very powerful it feels like you could design the roads and the systems how you want. You could destroy your enemies house if you want. You could destroy the whole city if you want. The best feeling is that you have a big role and that you are taking care of a whole new New York! In cities skylines the cities grow really fast like you will get 12 houses within 2 minutes in the game.

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @cryptoctopus

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It's not moving.

What i'm seeing

Yeah I don't think the live stream is working

This is what i see.


Same - you are not alone

I love how Quill keeps having a Orgasm over the Mod. I also love how he missed a giant ass fire in the area between his residential and Commercial Districts even though his viewpoint was pointed directly at it. This is why I watch these, cause it's hilarious to watch something important going on in the background and him ignoring the shiz out of it.

Just an idea - maybe integrating PADESTRIAN ROADS with no cars between the low-commercials and the residential buildings will suit well in a green city. Encouraging biking will fit well in this type of roads.


The commercial buildings might need roads for access though. You could probably have one side connected with just pedestrian roads but then have normal road access points

Well @cryptoctopus it works fine for me.I can see everything crystal clear

Wow, a lovely city indeed. It's a new world out there

Well, I guess it's problem with internet here than. Internet in Australia is so slow. I guess I will have to wait and watch playback instead.

Couldn't get a stable stream but have played this game before. It's really enjoyable. Will try it out sometime just to refresh

Very good live streaming

I can see a bit of the video now. I think you can turn off the night and day so that you don't have to build in the dark... If I remember correctly

Please comment to tell me if you are seeing the livestream


It's not working here.May be problem with my internet connection.


It's not working for me either.

@cryptoctopus on dlive that's cool and playing a game, having fun

So much joy than one can say... Well done

Skylines is a city-building game developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive.

I like your post and i support to your opinion

did not get to see the live.....I hope you saved it and post it

nice post

Still loading for me...
Also the spelling mistake on the title :)

got a "failed, server network.." something or other. DLive needs work man.

i miss the live steem :( may be my bad luck :(

its very good dlive bloog. I saw ur all blog
every blog is important for people. and people know about this topic from u. I want to tnx u my friend In my heart. love u friend

My computer is not fast, but from what little I could see, it seems to me that it is a game, which allowed me to remember another one, called Sims City, where gamers build cities. It's very interesting.

A few days ago, I was thinking, and then talking to my sister, about how good it would be if this kind of game could be reengineered and give those who play it the chance to get cryptom (digital) coins.

I don't rule out that in the future it will be like this. If someone could make it happen, he would go to the top of the stardom, with resounding success.


amazing city

My favorite game, you're the first one I found who play Cities Skyline on Steem blockchain :)

I think you know but in case of I give you few youtube player with high skill Strictoaster, TazerHere, two dollars twenty

And 2 other (french touch) who are not bad too Atys, NeguchiMaroyama

good ! I like guys