HTC Exodus will be the first blockchain smartphone - here's what we know so far | London Evening Standard

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The blockchain, the distributed ledger technology, has the capacity to change how we buy diamonds, distribute energy and now revolutionise our smartphones. Taiwanese-based smartphone manufacturer HTC is building the first-ever blockchain smartphone, named HTC Exodus.

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I heard about it before... this would be awsome.. I think HTC might partner with some useful blockchains as HTC is not appropriate to start everything from scratch. I.e they might partner with “Status” ( SNT) for the messaging part .. “Civic” (CVC) for user ID, “ Mobius” ( MOBI) for mobile marketplace Dapps and micropayment , Rivetz (RVT)for mobile hardware cyber security ... and the list could go on and on. IMO

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it is interesting to see first time ever a mobile company will built a blockchian...!

@hiroyamagishi the Blockchain is the future. This will change the world totally.

I genuinely do not understand what a "blockhain phone" means. This looks more like a marketing campain trying to ride the wave of hype of around this buzzword than a technological advancement.

I recently read that the first blockchain telephone "Finney" came on the market in November. Who will be first?