Hiking With Wrong Shoes in Germany - Wandern und falsche Schuhe!

in deutsch •  10 months ago

Hey guys, this is just an example how it can look like if you are hiking with wrong clothes :P

I think I like to laugh about myself ...

Wish you all a nice Thursday and Happy Easter - See You Soon - Big Hug Lena <3 <3

deutsch / same post in german

Hallo Ihr Lieben, so kann es enden, wenn man mit der falschen Kleidung wandern geht :p

Ich glaube ich lache gerne über mich ...

Wünsche euch allen einen schönen Donnerstag und Frohe Ostern - Bis bald und nen fetten Drücker - LG Lena <3 <3

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I will be in Germany soon. I don't want to experience this! :)

Very funny,
Good job hiking dear @lenatramper
I upvote and resteem

Hi @lenatramper, very funny... Supergirl...!.

Hi @lenatramper, how are you?.
I like your video, it's funny.

Fortunately you did not fall dear friend. We look forward to your detailed article on this beautiful hike @lenatramper

Very funny video. you are a great lady @lenatramper

It should not be a shoe like that you should wear. you are very great

wrong decision. hopefully @lenatramper is okay

hy beautiful lady @lenatramper, yes you alright about wrong wear, it is used to be happened when we travel to somewhere whithout mature planning. thanks for sharing. this is the shortest post of you.

I like your post, I think simple and good. May you succeed in steemit.

its really very risky dear...i hope that,you not doing big accident this time.but your should be be carefull this matter...some funny friend..i like it...@lenatramper

Hei @lenatramper you should ask @petrodollar the tips for hiking he is the expert mountaineering guide from (nice field) blang mangat,. Hahah

although you feel guilty about clothes but you are still beautiful :)

An interesting post for my friend thank you for sharing your experience ..

Well that friend of you is a real "gentleman" , instead of helping a girl in trouble, he just kept laughing and filming! :D Next time, you need to take better shoes or better friends :D ;)


:D I will :P yes mean friends ^^

in the video that I watched just now you are very careful in stepping, I like your caution @lenatramper

Xaxaxaaa... very funny... you are Super...
Have a good moments there have a beautiful day...

video interesting and fun, apparently sister can also like that ,,

:D Blond girl on hiking trail :D Great funny video ;) Happy Easter!!

very risky if climbing with clothes like that, hope you have an accident, be careful ....

lol, wo war denn da das Problem ?
Auf Madeira bin ich mal wo hoch gewandert, das war steil. Und es war reiner Schlamm, d.h. man ist bei jedem Tritt nach unten gerutscht. Und zwar weiter als man hochgegangen ist.
Da wärst du direkt wieder im Tal gelandet.

Kleiner Tipp: Wer runterrennt, der ist schneller unten. :D

Gruß Naturicia


hey ich hatte Todesangst ^^

Hahaha.. You are so funny @lenatramper. You're like a baby learning to walk.

You made. Yes, next time bring the hiking boots.

Very funny, at least you made it safely!

Hi @lenatramper I will do what you do.to get a new experince

Very funny video swear, I love watching your videos, videos that can entertain others my personal @lenatramper

amazing videos, have a great day @lenatramper

Saya sangat suka vidio yang anda bagikan...

I like post you .you sports i ok

beautiful heart if wear long shoes, let alone down the hill, do not fall, @lenatramper

a pretty girl like you likes to climb too, be careful later falling off the slip. we are happy with your activities

Verry funny @lenatramper I like this video.

very Good adventure
Please follow me and vote back

You look ridiculous @lenatramper but it can entertain others who watch your video ,, very funny .. Hopefully by watching this video others will not go wrong wearing costumes while traveling ,, very helpful and entertaining hehe ..

hallo lenatramper (65)very funny