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Does the internet as we know it reflect the centralised commodification of our human interactions and emotions? Is our liberty at even greater risk with the weakening position of global net neutrality? Does Decenternet offer an another alternative to mitigate even further intervention from multi-national tech companies?

Net Neutrality & Burger King!

Yes....that is an intriguing combination of companies in the title - but read on to find the common thread!!

I wrote an article about Net Neutrality recently here and I have been reflecting on the all of the comments I have received from around the world of the varied experiences that internet users have with lack of access to a fair and open internet.

Who’s telling the whoppers?
When I read some of the comments - I’m thinking what “whoppers” / “porky pies” / “lies” we have collectively been told over the decades!

Here are some of the comments I have received demonstrating the real life experience on the lack of a global open internet:

“Our move (internet movements) here is very limited. All transaction from outside is monitored even messages from Facebook or any messenger” comment from the UAE @kennyroy

“In India, we are facing problems with Data Privacy and Banning of multiple P2P websites because our government thinks that its best for nation's interest, yet they do nothing about Piracy” @hungryhustle

” Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to matter how often people are warned about these things, many carry on regardless without considering security, privacy, freedom of expression, and net neutrality as the very things that in the 21st century are bedrocks of individual liberty. At the moment, it's quite complicated to take these matters into your own hands and do something about them, and it's very much the domain of those with hardcore ICT and security skills. The Decenternet model offers a great opportunity to the masses to do something about it. The question I think is one of education, and making sure that people realise that solutions (such as decentralization of the internet) is available, and it looks to me as if Dnet is providing these solutions.” From the UK @anarcotech

All of the comments reminded of a post I read six months ago when there was a furore over the Net Neutrality repeal in the US. The article I read was from @themarkymark and included this hugely entertaining video from Burger King. You must watch it – it’s about Whoppers and Net Neutrality!!!

You have to watch the video- look at the outrage!

Whopper Neutrality!

Making Burgers Per Second / Mega Bytes Per Second Metaphor!!

Credit to Burger King for wading in to join this important debate:

We believe the internet should be like BURGER KING® restaurants, a place that doesn’t prioritize and welcomes everyone,” said Fernando Machado, BURGER KING® Global Chief Marketing Officer. “That is why we created this experiment, to call attention to the potential effects of net neutrality.” source

You can see from the video that the ISPs could cause a lot of damage without Net Neutrality regulation in place. The inspirational for this post came from TheMarkyMark who was happy for me to share similar content and I thought it only right to also share here his post from 6 months ago.

That video nicely illustrates net neutrality in an entertaining video.

So, my mind has turned to how can many of the problems of Net Neutrality be mitigated by a decentralised blockchain?

Decenternet – The Blockchain Internet – Is this “The People’s Internet”?

Decenternet, (also abbreviated to D-net) has an immense project planned for 2019 – 2020 to bring about a decentralized blockchain internet that can help create a network free from the multinational monopolies and governments that currently have a pretty firm hold over the conventional centralised net.

D-net is expected to be a persistent peer to peer decentralized internet platform, whereby home computers act as nodes in a global blockchain aimed towards protecting privacy, creating a platform for freedom of speech, and a more universal and equitable distribution of economic benefit.

Decenternet boasts some really interesting features including:

  1. A super fast browser through the “Anuvys” Operating System. Anuvys is linux based and is derived from Open Source software.
  2. A Liberty Search Engine/ Osiris Web Browser created as a completely free web environment which delivers profits directly to the participating decenternet users.
  3. A highly incentivised Spyce cryptocurrency which is the foundation of all “transactions” on the d-net (Including content producers and content consumers). The node providers for the P2P internet will be rewarded with Spyce.

All of the these features are included in detail on the White Paper of this visionary new project:

Decenternet’s website: and ANUVYS website: has further information- and it certainly seems like a business to watch for the next developments.

Decenternet has a presence on Social Media on both:
Twitter page:
& there is vibrant Decenternet Telegram group:

The Internet Should Be The Same For Everyone!

Let me know your thoughts?


The information contained within this post shall not be taken as a financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investment decisions should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money by investing. The information presented in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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This is a very unique way to explain Net Neutrality to the masses. I loved it! Thanks @cryptocurator for sharing the video and writing a great blog. Internet and Data Privacy are our right and Dnet foundation has put up a great vision to address these problems.


It's a clever and a funny video!

Data privacy is hugely important at the minute and the timing for something like Decenternet to launch seems really opportune, it will to gain more traction with the public after the Cambridge Analytica furore this year!

Twitter is a great place to spread news of #netneutrality #savethenet #battleforthenet.


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