STEEMHOUSE Tokens - What they are, how to get them, and why you'd WANT to. [Special offers inside!]

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The STEEMHOUSE Token UIA was created as a means of crowdfunding our real-world makerspace, but it will be used for so much more!


STEEMHOUSE Tokens will be a way for the world to connect with our makerspace, no matter how far away they may be. They will be accepted as an alternative payment method for any of our products and services both online, and in our physical space. Beyond that, they will be a way for The Steem House to connect with and reward creative individuals and communities across the blockchain! When our physical space is open, we will be using a number of these tokens to help makers and creatives fund new projects, or even jump-start new businesses!

If you're close enough to use our makerspace, you'll be able to use them just like money for all sorts of things!

Members of the local community will be able to use any of the machines, equipment, tools, software, and free supplies we have available in our space, for a monthly fee. The cost of such a membership will be determined when we get closer to our grand opening, and have a more accurate measure of our required budget.

The Steem House will host numerous hands-on classes and workshops covering a wide variety of topics. These workshops and classes costs will depend upon the materials used, and the time said class or workshop requires. People of all ages will be able to come develop new skills and ideas, have fun, and most importantly, learn.

Aside from classes and workshops about crafting and making, we will host numerous events intended to educate those who want to learn more about the best ways to utilize crypto-centric social media platforms like Steemit, EOS, Whaleshares, and more! Many of these "content classes" will be conducted by skilled members of the communities being taught, and we will be looking for network influencers who would like to be paid for their time, and teach our members some tips and tricks to success.

If you're too far away, we'll send things to you!

From purchasing 3d-printed gidgets, unique art, STEEM merchandise, and anything else our creative members create and choose to sell, you will be able to buy things we make inside our space from an online "Maker Mall". This online store will only accept fiat dollars, STEEM, SBD, and our STEEMHOUSE Tokens as payment.

You will also be able to exchange these tokens to enter exclusive raffles, lotteries, and contests for things like liquid rewards, T-shirts, custom art, and eventually, even things like a paid vacation to come visit our physical space for yourself! Another thing we have planned is devoting a 3d-printer entirely to creating things that will be shipped to members of our online community in exchange for STEEMHOUSE.

Let's make something great together!.png

As if all that weren't enough, STEEMHOUSE Tokens will be exchangeable on DEX markets utilizing the Bitshares platform, just like many other cryptocurrencies and utility tokens.

If you've got an account on the Bitshares platform, you can hold or exchange these tokens for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens. As our crowdfund progresses, the price of our tokens will increase, so it will be beneficial to purchase tokens early to receive the best value. We often run promotional offers, and since over the last couple weekends, we've offered various discounts and bonuses for both Whaleshares and Bitshares, this week we'll be going back to our roots, and for the entire time this post is active (7 days), we will be giving out a 10% bonus on any purchases made with STEEM or SBD!


These extra tokens will be sent manually to every filled order over the next week. If you do not receive your bonus drop within 48 hours of your token purchase, contact us to make sure we've seen it.

Depositing your post earnings to the Bitshares platform is as simple as a Steemit transfer!

The Openledger payment bridge will allow you to easily deposit STEEM or SBD to your wallet on @bitshares, @openledger, or the brand new @easydex! All you have to do is send any amount to @openledger-dex with your bitshares username in the memo field. When the transfer is verified, you will see them in your wallet as


The prices in the market have been updated to around 20 cents per token. This means that 1 STEEM will buy just over 12 STEEMHOUSE, and you can get a little more than 10 STEEMHOUSE for every SBD!
If you're unfamiliar with Decentralized Exchanges, The Steem House highly recommends, which promises a more user-friendly way to manage one's portfolio. Click the image below to be taken to their Steemit blog to learn all about this new exchange.


The last reason we'll give you for buying STEEMHOUSE now, is our buy-back program!

When we reach the final stage of our crowdfund, and our space is open and operational, we will be devoting a portion of our profits to placing open orders on the market to buy these tokens back from those who support our startup. We will buy any and all tokens we can at a minimum of 50 cents each. This will be a way of "paying back with interest" those who loan us money now, and hold these tokens until we reach our goal.

Here's a full list of current payment options for STEEMHOUSE Tokens:




^ 10% bonus until Sunday ^

^ 10% bonus until Sunday ^





Help us put together the funds to open our real-world makerspace, and reap the benefits!


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mh, sounds like a great idea, but the buyback program lacks a fair amount in my opinion.

promising a floor at 0.50 would make sense if the selling price would be below this number. otherwise it's kinda hard to ever sell this with a profit if you buy in the last stage or after the sale.


Thanks for your feedback! The idea of the buy-back is to incentivize people to buy earlier rather than later. As stated, the market will have it's own say on the value of the token when its utilities become fully available, so there's still the potential that someone who buys late could still see a return, but the point behind these tokens is that they will serve as an alternative payment for products and services from @thesteemhouse both on a physical level, and within our digital community.

Great project @thatsweeneyguy.

From purchasing 3d-printed gidgets, unique art, STEEM merchandise, and anything else our creative members create and choose to sell, you will be able to buy things we make inside our space from an online "Maker Mall".

How will people in other countries get the products when they purchase it? Will it attract extra fee for shipping?

We will buy any and all tokens we can at a minimum of 50 cents each. This will be a way of "paying back with interest" those who loan us money now, and hold these tokens until we reach our goal.

This is lovely, does it mean early investors won't lose their funds even if the price of btc drops?

Great Questions!

To answer the first, shipping charges will likely be higher for those outside the United States. However, those shipping charges will get calculated into your total when paying, and can be covered with tokens just the same as the product itself.

As for the second question, the price of our tokens are indeed calculated in USD, and not bitcoin. So long as the value of the United States Dollar does not decrease dramatically, they will retain their value, and buy backs will be calculated in USD as well.

I got mine :)

This looks like a very ambitious project we would like to talk with you @thatsweeneyguy Perhaps you can join our Discord Server.

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Hi @adsactly really you so great man.
I am your every post upvote and resteemit done.


As soon as I get my early morning checks and errands finished, I'll be right over!

Do you mean we can even list our products to sell. Re-Steemed.


We would LOVE to help creatives on the blockchain sell their products as well, yes!

To the moon.... 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Your buy back program sounds pretty cool! Hope everyone gets these amazing tokens. Upvoted :)


thanks for share like this type of post... helpful contant,... thanks for sharing...

Amazing project... i like this

Great beginnings are about to happen.

good and lovely. It will be good to partner with you people

Great project

This is a great innovation