They mocked me for the statement "Babies Are Dying" - Here is My Response To Those People

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

In a now famous debate with Samson Mow - Chief 'Strategy' Officer at Blockstream. I made the statement that:

"More babies are dying because they have less economic freedom, more people are starving to death because they have less economic freedom, people are dying because of this"

Here is my retort to those people who find humour in making fun of that statement.

And by the way. Bitcoin is for everybody.

If you want to watch the whole debate with me and Samson Mow at Deconomy 2018:

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Yes, everyone in Bitcoin knows that economic freedom is better for everyone and by showing some graphs to prove this fact you don't prove your point in the discussion. The reason that everyone was pissed off about what you said was because you blame the death of babies on hardworking engineers who extremely carefully improve Bitcoin in a sustainable way to ensure that it can bring economic freedom for humanity for our entire generation and generations to come.

You and your friends copied their hard work by forking your centralised shitcoin in existence and now you blame them for killing babies! It is a f*cking shame, thats the reason for all the tweets.

If you want to sacrifice the decentralisation and security of Bitcoin that greatly improves the chance to succeed to become a new monetary system for many generations for 1 or 2 years of cheap transaction fees you are the same kind of people who want to sacrifice the long term health of the financial system to end a short recession. YES I am saying that your mindset is very similar to the FEDERAL RESERVE!

Roger "victim" Ver is at it again.

When he gets roundly mocked for being a hyperbole-spewing idiot, he doubles-down on the FEELINGS to get people rooked into his flawed mental fantasy.

Roger - you've been spinning a lot of stupid bullshit for your cause, and when you looped in the whole "dying babies" bit, it just came off like you do -- brash, egotistical and psychopathic.

Your alt-fork is a failure, coming and going.

Its coming up to a YEAR, and you haven't gotten ANY traction.

Your supporters have turned tail on you, like Erik Voorhees, who has asked you to stop continuing your reckless attacks and ill-informed slogans.

Informative reading for history on this ex-convict --

You better tend to your centralized nodes in those Alibaba Server Racks --

You've lost, and you will continue to lose.

When the babies aren't dying in your county it's easy to be smug I guess. Westerners are hella ignorant about third world poverty,

Hey my man, it’s so great to see you at STEEMIT.
I’ll re-STEEM your post.
I love your work Roger, your passion is inspiring 👊😊


He most likely isn't there and having someone post for him


Undesirable. Thanks 👍

wow, you didn't know what a tautology is?
really speaks for your connection to the real world, real people and not only abstract (philosophical) concepts.

(no irony, just as remark if anyone might think that.)

@rogerkver Bitcoin For everyone, bitcoin could make our economy very good, bitcoin is a future, I think 2025 will be able to establish the bitcoin reign at Pura world

I feel ya sister. My husband is sweet and supportive, he holds me when I cry and gives me all the space I need. But I have to ask for him to arrange thoughtful surprises... and then it’s not really a surprise is it? My parents sent me a lovely treat basket when going through stims, but I mean, they’re my parents. I don’t have a lot of friends to start with, and hardly any of them know what we’re going through. It’s a sad and lonely road we walk.

On the topic of more economic freedom being produced by crypto currencies, check out Dash in Venezuela.