Stressed & Trouble Sleeping In This Bear Market? This Might Help...

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

If you're like me, then there's probably been some times during this crypto bear market where you've felt a little stressed or anxious, and you might have had trouble getting quality sleep too.

I've been researching supplements to try and help with this. I ended up buying something called "Valerian Root Extract", and I've had excellent results so far. So if you've had similar problems to me, you might want to consider trying this yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT to be construed as medical advice. Consult a medical professional before trying any supplement.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Sort Order:'ve felt a little stressed or anxious, and you might have had trouble getting quality sleep too.

I know it’s easy to say “don’t get stressed, or don’t loose your sleep”. At some point we just can’t control it, at some point we need something to help us. I personally try to deal with it without taking anything. If I’ve ever lost my sleep over something and I knew what the cause was, first thing I did was to eliminate this cause from my life. I think natural supplements are ok. There are people who deal with it by taking drugs, which is a huge mistake. I would rather loose my sleep, than take any drugs. Today’s market is taugh, but we can’t let it to take us over. If it does, we shouldn’t be in this market at first place.

Okay, this is the kind of thing that can help me because I have spent the past few months in some real financial distress. Obviously I have been looking for a stress reliever for a while now and have found something for myself. Untill now it has helped me and so for now I am going to stick to it.

It is not a medication but more of a mental excercise. I have been reading some great fictional work and rather than my usual style of finishing the book once I start, I leave the book midway. After starting anonther book and then coming back to the previouos book to finish it has kept my mind sufficently busy as well as functioned as a great therapy for me.

I have also written some poems on steemit as a form of strees relieving. That has helped me a lot as well. If you want, you can check my latest poem on my last post.

You recommendations are always credible, so thank you for that. Believe it or not, when I’m in panic mode I take a cold shower and it always helps. So far no sleepless nights for me. Second thing that helps me is time with my family and also nature trip especially the mountains that we have close by. Other than that, I really try not to over-invest myself. Especially in this market. But on the other hand I feel I’m doing the right thing investing in crypto that I believe in.

If you're like me, then there's probably been some times during this crypto bear market where you've felt a little stressed or anxious.

Got hooked up with this and I wish to say more on this fact. Though as a small account up here in terms of all what it takes, I still felt that something is really going wrong somewhere, somehow. When you have something that makes you feel okay with most joy, and that thing again is moving out the rail, of truth it will definitely be of a kind of stressed out but what must keep us moving is still the love from onset that will surely pave the way back to what we used to know the crypto to be in time past. Obviously, stressed out but at the same time still have the hope that it will soon be over.

Seems like valerian would be worth a try. I don't lose sleep over crypto, but I DO have problems sleeping in general.

@louisthomas, thanks for the advice, I've heard vaguely about Valerian before.
In my experience, another possible way to calm yourself down in this bear market is selling say, 2 - 5% of your crypto assets. It is not much, so you don't loose much profit if crypto explodes higher. But such sale really does give a little peace of mind.

Huh, so that's what Valerian steel is made of!
These supplements possess legendary powers that keep you fit forever and never lose their healing effect. It is known.

This bear market is too long but i believe in this technology and how it can help a lot of bussines in the future, this time is just to hibernate hehehe you know what i mean for sure. Regards

Lol that's rough buddy. I haven't invested any major money so am not scared of losing. I hope the markets favor you to even out all your effort and stress

The crypto market bearish trends bring a lot of heart attack to investors and also a lot of discouragement to a lot of crypto traders alike. If your Valerian Root Extract will help in easing my discomfort I am experiencing as a crypto investor i might try it to have some relieve from my stress been cause by the continuous bearish crypto market @louisthomas

Valerian Root Extract sounds really interesting and I can't wait to read more about it! I have turned everything off and don't want to look at it until the end of 2018. After turning it all off, all the stress went away haha ignorance is bliss! :)

The best solution is to reduce your positions so you don’t worry about it anymore. We are still very early in the development of these protocols and assets. If you keep up with learning about them, you can always get back in but it is important never to risk more than you can lose. If not, just HODL and invest in yourself by reading and learning the potential of these asseta in the future.

Hahaha. Sure man.
I am having trouble in sleeping in this time of the year but due to a different circumstances.
What do you suggest ?
Do you suggest the same ?


and hear i thought only i cant sleep at nights

I think Crypto has eaten the full bottle of it, and got sleep and not being able to awake again :/ well thank you for this medicine, I will try after concerning it to my doctor, Hopefully I will get some good news from the doctor and also Crypto market awake now.

hellow,dear I know its really so simple that dint not to find persecution or not to leave your sleep... with some indicates content we can not bear it.. with another content we have to need help ourselve . I want to by my mind personally and want to deal with this dear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,without saying anything.,,,its cool that crypto eat all bottle content gonna be sleep and not woke up ..thanks for share this advice through post ..

This is exactly right, although before the recent crash it’s was fluctuating between 9k and 10k. So i guess we can really never tell

I think i have seen you on you tube...
followed you..

Thanks! Never wager more than you can lose.


u mean never invest more than you can lose?


Haha..I have never invested anywhere..I think my future is dark..

I think that there is value in opening up discussions related to the inevitable stress related to crypto markets. It is interesting because there is stress for people even when the markets are high wishing they had participated and feeling like they missed out on something BIG. It is also stressful to see the markets in BEAR territory, as well as the vast swings in the market in general. My suggestion would be to stay very present and enjoy the moment that we are experiencing now rather than focus on the past and future. I believe that it is especially important to take time to enjoy activities and re-direct our energies on something pleasant.

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i got very depressed after my first buy in crypto because i was scammed by a pump and dump group on telegram, i was new and unaware of such things, first i saw them doing the pump and next time i participated hoping to get atleast 2 times my investment, however i lost 50% of my investment on my first day lol.
but i still believe in crypto and wont leave it because of a jerk :P

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