Is a New Bull Run Possible for Cryptocurrencies in 2018?

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

Lion Meida asks "Can we have another bull market when everybody wishes they had sold more during the last one?"

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Coinbase is now a regulated securities dealer. Circle filed for a banking licence.

Coinbase announced they are opening a crypto fund, 250K to buy think GS, JPM, and NASDAQ are going to stand by and let the entire sector be taken from them? Not a chance.

Institutional money is on the way. This will sent he markets flying. When it hits? I don't know. 6 months? 9 months? maybe a year. But it will happen within the next year if I had to guess.

Fundamentals of blockchain technology continue to improve as the interest in demand in protocols in numerous industries gain traction. We have been in a cycle where valuations outpaced valuations but that has since reverted to the mean and could potentially now dip below valuations giving the panic and selling taking place. However, long term outlook looks good here.

Well, bitcoin might still have a huge leg down to, say, $4000. However, a significant market cap growth is very likely, as it is currently only around 160 billion, which is not a huge amount.
@lousithomas, if one thinks that we are nearing a bottom, do you think moving some of bitcoin investments into alts might be more profitable?
Thanks for the video.


You see bitcoin dropping to 4k? I think there are too many levels of support before we get to those lows


You are right, there are a lot of support levels. However, there is no guarantee that any of those will truly hold. There are sources stating that mining costs are around $4000, so that might actually hold.


You are right... There is no guarantee in this space.

It will be interesting to see!

First of that question – It was perfectly worded for me. Like the guy read my mind about it. This question puts into perspective the fact that we are the market. The market is not some mysterious entity that is elusive and can’t be touched. People like us, who buy and sell make up the market.
The market is young and volatile, and the bubbles tend to happen and then pop. The selling pressure is gradually easing as the bear cycle runs its course. The chart patterns definitely suggest that they are one of the more reliable sources of statistical information that we have on the market. The lack of optimism is also probably prolonging the bear cycle. The market is new and thus can more easily suffer emotional ‘manipulation’.
I really liked that you countered the term ‘dumb money’ by the term ‘smart money’. The people of cryptosphere are still early adopters and investors. There is so much more room to grow financially and in terms of adoption that it gives me hope more than anything else.

Wow this one is a good question. Well right now the crypto market has taken a hit. And it looks like it's going to remain like this for a while. Though the market cap is increasing and a lot have invested more.
Well I believe by the end of this year we will see a whole new price of crypto and the market will be back soon. Good luck to all.

The sell off is becoming less extreme and as much as this does suck, I too believe that this will all turn around. It is just a matter of time! I have been a believer in the space since day one and I remain a believer today! :)

2018 will be massive.
Ultimately though by the end of this year the gains will be off those same charts!
I'm so excited to watch it unfold, it's gonna be EPIC!

I think yes because last year we saw some months like that but with bitcoin playing between 900 and 3500 USD. Thanks for your videos

My answer to that Is - why not? I think the good times are coming soon, in fact am hoping for a bull run from September lasting till December


Do you have any valid evidence for hoping for such a lengthy bull run? They kept saying that May and June we would see a massive pump but instead we got a tragic drop.


That's why I said, 'hoping'. My hope is based on nothing logical, just an unflinching belief in the blockchain cum steemit

Obviously crypto comeback with us.. Again and Again Crypto market are going down.But This time It Has down a lot and has broken all the records within 12 months.just see the steemit market today.

But don't worry .... Just cool.....Hope it will raise very early.We should keep patience and wait for good market..@louisthomas

Of course Crypto will be back...being the only crypto with some actual value behind it, and being one of the cryptos which has the greatest growth potential..not worried a bit.. Within a year, things will look very different🙂

Just HODL, or buy some more if you have the money for it..
I have powered up some more the last week.. and will probably do it again👍

Charts here, charts there, bulls and bears... that's all short time speculation only. Investing could begin if crypto-aplications, businesses advance. But I see only a handful working projects of 2000 or more in progress. Ans most still in "beta-version". More practical uses, more user friendly applications... we need Crypto-Amazon, Crypto-Facebook, Netscape-moment, use cases for the masses.

I think that a lot of people don't fully understand the technology they're buying into...Price rises are nice, and I'm happy people are making money, but this is about more then just money.

Of cause, we can always have another as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned.

I am not convinced that we have reached the bottom because each BTC rally we have had is weaker than the previous one. Therefore on balance of probability I think we will go yet lower before we see a sustained rally and a break in the downtrend

One can hope but in all seriousness, this bear market could last for years.

The sell side is very crowded. Thats the problem.

Definitely possible with Binance looking to add new fiat pairing. Nice vid!

I think we will have bottomed out by summer 2019. But the next mania phase will probably start summer 2020 and peak early 2021. Between then I think we will trade sideways. We're following a pattern very similar to what happened in 2013/2014. The laddering down from the high took quite a while to complete, but this time we have acceleration of the trend.

The technology isn't ready yet for mass adoption. The people were ready last December had bitcoin and other crypto's not run into the scaling roadblock. But when the technology is finally ready enough for the average unsophisticated nontechnical user to send transactions simply by moving your finger across the screen, that's when there will no longer be a bottoming out crash after a high. This pattern will repeat until mass adoption happens.


Interesting thesis.

I wonder how it compares to the speculation of the internet in the 80s, 90s, and eventual crash. Over-exuberance, speculation and investment followed by consolidation and a few companies with actual products and cash flow.

вельмі цікавая інфармацыя трохі рызыкоўна, але захапляльны

Your videos give me so motivation for investment.

people just have to wait and see........

thanks for the information I really like with your post, good luck always @louisthomas.