Chips in Blockchain

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What role does the IoT Chain chip play in blockchain today and in the future?  In the traditional Internet of Things, the role of the chip is mainly data acquisition, storage, and Edge computing.

In blockchain IoT, the chip adds two features. First, in order to effectively manage each of the IoT devices, the chip will implement the distributed identity generation function, providing each device with a unique ID on the network. Second, to increase the cost of malicious attacks, reduce the risk of data tampering, and maintain the data sovereignty of the device, the chip will use a trusted execution environment (TEE) or secure operating OS. After obtaining the authentication of the OS, the user or the device can operate on sensitive information and access data through a specific encrypted channel.

Currently, most IoT chips meet the requirements to facilitate blockchain integration. Therefore, ITC's development team has given priority to providing a seamless software upgrade solution, which not only ensures low-cost, efficient upgrades but also reduces development cycle time. It is expected that at the end of this year, the multi-scenario IoT use case experience will be launched in conjunction with the main network. ITC's array of products will use technical advantages in blockchain and chip development to enable projects to finally break through traditional IoT transformation barriers, providing the security needed for this growing industry.

IoT Chain looks forward to providing comprehensive technology solutions and exploring more technical cooperation with encrypted IoT chip manufacturers in the near future.


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The chip at present backings Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain, and this will in a matter of seconds be extended to include the Ethereum blockchain record. Fiber is right now supporting the open source business blockchain system, Hyperledger Sawtooth. The task is a secluded stage intended for building, sending and running versatile circulated records, especially in conditions requiring point by point following of items in the physical world.

wow! really interesting

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'chip and chain' more like chip 'n' dale (lol chips and blockchain)

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