19th July Betting Update

in contest •  5 months ago

Profit, it is only a small profit but profit is profit so most welcome.

Betting Bank Yesterday New Bank £1,951.16

Racing Bets - £18.00
Greyhound Bets - £6.00
Lottery Bets - £2.50
Acca - no bets

Total Spent £26.50

Returns £28.37
Given away today £14.18
Given away to date* £248.46

*Since June 5th

New Bank £1,953.03

Racing update

Chepstow win only lucky 15, return £25.44 half is 10.68 Steem

Makambe Price (3.25) Thu - 2:10 Chepstow - Won
Captain Sedgwick Price (3.00) Thu - 2:40 Chepstow - Won
Jaganory Price (3.75) Thu - 4:10 Chepstow - Won
Zoffany Bay Price (10.00) Thu - 4:40 Chepstow - Lost

Hamilton win only lucky 15, no returns

Our Place In Loule Price (4.50) Thu - 2:30 Hamilton - Lost
Epeius Price (5.00) Thu - 3:00 Hamilton - Lost
Theglasgowwarrior Price (4.50) Thu - 3:30 Hamilton - Lost
Red Charmer Price (5.50) Thu - 5:05 Hamilton - Lost

Leicester win only lucky 15, no returns

Episcia Price (3.75) Thu - 2:50 Leicester - Lost
Destroyer Price (3.75) Thu - 3:20 Leicester - Lost
Silca Mistress Price (3.00) Thu - 3:50 Leicester - Lost
Caracas Price (5.00) Thu - 4:50 Leicester - Lost

Epsom Downs win only lucky 15, no returns

Shifting Star Price (4.50) Thu - 5:55 Epsom Downs - Lost
Sha La La La Lee Price (3.00) Thu - 7:05 Epsom Downs - Lost
Macaque Price (4.33) Thu - 7:40 Epsom Downs - Lost
Lady Safeara Price (7.00) Thu - 8:10 Epsom Downs - Lost

Greyhounds update

Hove win only lucky 15, return £1.13 half is 0.474 Steem

Roses Bolt @SP Thu - 6:27 Hove - Lost
Forest Whiskey @SP Thu - 6:47 Hove - Lost
Ower Boy Bullet @SP Thu - 7:03 Hove - Won
Trade Fudge @SP Thu - 7:18 Hove - Won

Romford win only lucky 15, return £1.80 half is 0.756 Steem

Miss Vavavoom @SP Thu - 2:52 Romford - Lost
Highfly Jack @SP Thu - 3:11 Romford - Lost
Love Is Blind @SP Thu - 3:29 Romford - Lost
Jaytee Dave @SP Thu - 3:49 Romford - Won

Accumulators update

No bets


Trueflip Lottery 19th July, no returns

Our numbers 03 13 14 30 47 Bonus 01

Result 38 16 20 15 07 Bonus 19


If you would like to try the Trueflip Lotto please use my referral link below



Back tomorrow for some more bets

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Boom! Result hopefully this the turning point. That last one at Chepstow would have been awesome but let's not get greedy. Well done


It was even more gutting as it came in second. But second is as good as a mile. The odds were high on that horse so was unlikely to win but felt it was worth including since it would have made a bumper payout had it won.


Lol I always go each way but odds have to be 4/1 and better for it to be worth while. In one meeting try doing that with big odds see what happens might be worth a shot. First thing first get above the 2k bankroll. Ps one question how do you do multiple payouts is it manual or some over wat doing a raffle so wanted to know


you are a motherfucker. Stop sending bid at last moment you idiot. you are an asshole.

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If small profit keeps coming every day, the betting bank would have hope of increasing slowly instead of reducing. Like one of my friends always say, "snail speed in the right direction is always better than no speed" . Hopefully there will be bigger wins tomorrow

I hope that I have a better luck in the next days and that the bad spell has passed! @stimp1024

To bad, the betting bank dropped below the 2K mark! But I do have the feeling that after the weekend we will be above it!
Good luck,

you are a motherfucker. Stop sending bid at last moment you idiot. you are an asshole.

You play well! I support you!

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