Saying "THANK YOU" to 500+ followers - Giveaway 5 SBD

in contest •  11 months ago

I will give 5 SBD giveaway on this contest, to say thank you for your loyalty for having 500 followers!

All you have to do it to be eligible is to upvote this post and resteem 

and give a number between 1 to 1000 in the comment,

the one which will be closest in the number gotten from will be the winner !

Make sure you don't comment the same number,

if two people are close with the same -,+ , reward will be divided.

Contest will be finished exactly at  
2018-02-13 18:42:06 

My number is "667"

Thank you for your support!

And good luck yall ;)

If you do not follow me , you can do it :D

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good contest


Good luck !

My guess 200,


Good luck :)


Good luck boss, please resteem too to be eligible for the contest

765 upvoted and resteemed


To be elegible you have to resteem it


I've resteemed it


Am I now eligible


please resteem too to be eligible in the contest!

My guess 664

Wow! I’m amazing you’re my inspiration, I’m new here so I’m hoping for good also

congratulations my friend i guess 353 :)