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Daily giveaway 7/05/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

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The daily topic for today is:

Should High Schools Do More to Prepare You for Careers?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

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Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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For most students, schools at every level should concentrate on transferable skills. A major in Italian Renaissance Literature has very little practical use, but, done correctly, can create transferable skills: research, critical thinking, contextual understanding, etc. Not everyone is cut out for cognitively demanding jobs, so vocational programs and apprenticeships should be available for them. This includes those who greatly prefer working with their hands.


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Yes, they should by including more CTE in their curriculum including computer science.

More? Beyond pushing college as the only viable, absolute choice -yeah. College is NOT the end-all-be-all answer to a career. It IS the way to unforgivable, oppressive debt (and a shot at work if you manage to snag an employer's eye somewhere along the way) It seems like so many educational systems these days just want to push a learner into a debt system, rather than teach them how to earn a living. Not everything you would call a "job" has to be learned from a college tuition program.

If one travels for the purpose of seeking knowledge, then God will make his journey as a journey to heaven

I do not think that High Schools should prepare people for careers The real question in my sense should be "Is the notion of career still actual?".
Indeed, a career can only be made when you stay and evolve within the same company until you reach your rent.
If you always need to change the firm and plans I do not think one can talk of career.
High Schools should most likely prepare the becoming graduates to run money wisely by using the different tools available in the economic system in order to protect them from giving too much money to the state and create a possibility to let money work for them.
A preparation would consist to get the young people to get ready to stay in the rat-race until the end and pay more money for the states than using it to live the life they want.

For me it's a yes,because it is a perfect molding ground for us to be prepare on what career are we in the future but the decision is up to us whether what kind of person we want us to be.

In these competitions, the country of origin of each one must be taken into account. For example, education in my country Venezuela is getting worse. Teachers and teachers with a high degree of instruction have left the country, and those who do not want to work for what little they are paid. So I believe that education in my country unfortunately has no solution until there is a change of government.

maybe we should change the focus of schools to prepare kids on how to provide for the basics. the real basics of food and shelter. teach them how to grow food, and make things.

I think the best way to learn is by experience. If high schools cannot recreate the experience of having a career to students, then it is pointless to discuss whether or not they should do more. The question is... Can they?

High schools should do more to help you work with people, and develop your communication skills. These will help with your career.

Yes I believe high school should take a look at your life prospects and ask you what you wish to do after then they can start building you and shaping you for the career of your choice right in high school

Collage or University, internships and part-time jobs help prepare for the real world. High School should stick to basic knowledge of everything else, which is a sh!t ton as it is.

Yes, they could more with practical experience and not only theorical.

How about a little insight as to what a career is?
What it means to be self-employed, or in a partnership?
This is too broad a topic... makes me angry to think about it.

So yeah, they could do more - so much more it makes me sick.


I think they should, so the impact in their new stage of their lifes wouldn't be so hard on them.

They should, they don't enough.

Yep not so much theory. More practice would be good.

@bunnypuncher I don't believe that high school build people for careers. People use the best practices to build their careers. As you can see that a little child how try to walk.

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The function of the education system is to educate, therefore they should always put their best effort to send students as prepared as possible to higher education, send students with the least amount of knowledge gaps and that warrants a review of the curriculum of studies.

Yes, I believe the more academic and non- academic knowledge you get ,the more chances of good future awaits you. Only if you are diligent enough to pursue it.

Yes by far, if I had a better direction heading out from high school I would not of wasted seven years trying to figure out what my career should be!

Should high schools do more to prepare you for careers?
On the one hand yes, since that would help our children to be prepared for college and the young people have more capacity to learn faster than when they are 21

For me it doesn't have to be quantity but quality

They should be teaching only the necessary but not the nice to know

...high school should do a lot more changes!

High Schools should be able to identify what curriculum is needed to help prepare the students

While it's good to prepare students for careers, high schools should also better prepare students for life outside the classroom. Not everyone is going to want a career after school, nor will it be suitable for everyone. So, rather than preparing students for one kind of successful life (the one where they become successful career people), high schools should prepare them for other kinds of success.

That's why aside from teaching career-oriented skills, high school should be the place where we teach students the soft skills that will improve their communication, work ethic, and financial readiness. High school is also the best place for them to learn how to be responsible, flexible, respectful, and at the same time, professional individuals.

University do more for careers.

Keep it focused eliminate the fuzz that's what they need to do so students time money and effort isn't wasted

If they can streamline the topics it'd be nice

Si ya a nivel de secundaría debería haber preparación para la universidad

Maybe they should remove the unnecessary curricula

On the one hand yes, since that would help our children to be prepared for college and the young people have more capacity

Yes, they should.

yes friend @bunnypuncher. In high school should strengthen the knowledge, and profersores must prepare the student that the university studies should not be taken lightly, is a constant preparation and according to our performance will be our sustenance in the future.

Yes. They can give more introductory courses to health and tech fields where there is a need for skilled people. These could stimulate interest in the HS students so they can continue to take courses in that field.

It doesn't have to be geared only to a 4 year college. There are 2 year programs that can be taken with certificates given out upon completion.

Hello @bunnypuncher! It's my first time to join here. I think yes is the answer to your question. High school years maybe more of having extracurricular activities but teachers also are starting to mold students into what they want to be in the future, and students then can easily decide on what courses they want to take up in college. Thank you.

They are already doing more. What lacks is the improvement of the curriculum to each student's needs. Kids are evolving in some way too. Old school stuff won't give them waht they need.

Yes they should. High schools should have more actual career simulations to give students an idea.

I think they should indeed, most of the times we leave high school knowing a little bit of everything, but in reality we don´t know to do anything concrete. And then they ask you what you want to be "when you grow up"...

More than preparing for a career, I should prepare you to choose the race, know what you are serving, what you really like, the job opportunities of that career. There are too many people studying careers they do not like and working on something you do not love is very sad.

Yes. Schools need to come out from the textbook zone and start teaching students some actual stuff that will make and shape up their careers. As the famous book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" rightly says, schools need to add financial literacy to the curriculum. Students need to be taught how to manage money. They need to be put into habit of saving regularly, budgeting, spending wisely. They any how will need this knowledge on how to spend their money wisely - the sooner, the better!

High school which increases children's mental development, teaches How to behave with others and respect olders.It is not enough for parents to teach, but what teachers teach at school is essential for a child.
That's why I think a lot of high school teachers contribute to the formation of a child.

Hope i win

Yes because some people do not know what to do after finishing school they have no motivation or know how to get a job

Most definitely, and also on other key things such as how money actually works, taxes etc

What is haikubot?


he replays in his comments exactyl that what someones says.... it makes upset some people..

lmao, that he makes today the second place....

I am definitely one of those who thinks that the problem is not the highschool. everything will always depend on the student. It is not the fault of the study house if someone is not well prepared

I believe that if they do what is necessary to leave everyone well prepared. but as every individual is dependent on his actions, everything will depend on him to do his job well

they do what is within their reach, if we consider the budgets

More can be done to prepare students in high school, for sure. It seems most schools are more focused on getting kids into college rather then preparing them to work.

Ofcourse yes, that way, one is getting aware of what the future holds

I'd go with a #Yes,high school should really prepare someone for a career because most people do not have the opportunity of an higher level of education cause of some reasons mostly financial reasons.
I'd suggest that high school should:

  • have some technical courses to be offered
  • Should also offer some trade courses such as fisheries,animal handling, fashion designing, make-up courses etc

In case of those who have opportunity of an higher institution of education, high schools can help in building the students on there career by

  • taken them on field trip
  • doing more of practicals than just theory classes on each career opportunity
  • Taking career lesson to help prepare for the future.

Thanks for taking time to write this detailed answer. You're a good stemian :)

Of course they should do more for the people to be a professional in their jobs.

I believe this is a bit of a moot point until teachers start getting paid what they deserve. Yes, the ideal would be to better prepare our young adults for the outside world but there is always going to be someone demanding where the money is going to come from. All the while, teachers may get some recognition and accolades but it's mostly just for show. Cut useless military spending and stop allowing our elected officials to give themselves raises on a whim and truly start investing in our youth.

Personally, I think more trade skill classes and introductory courses to business, science, and arts of all kinds should be offered. Let the young adults see what they may show an aptitude for and might be willing to work harder to achieve.

In the end though, unless we are willing to follow through with the funds and work towards making sure all students are afforded the same opportunities regardless of income, race, sex, and cultural background, I believe nothing of substance will get done.

Yes I would like it

YES ! YES ! YES! , personnaly, i have a acquired many knowledge in high school that helped me in real life. So I think it is a good idea. Already, many countries do that.

indeed high school is necessary but more important in supporting career is passion and hard work, without spirit and hard work high school is meaningless.

They should include experimental, technological and mechanical studies for a more complete preparation


YES! If only I could turn back the time, I definitely want to study high school to a school where they have so much to offer.

When I was in college, I envied those classmates of mine who came from a prestigious school in which the students there are named as The Country's Scholar. There's this one classmate of mine who happened to be my boyfriend, who always says, we've done that in High School, I already know that since High School. Then, he would teach us those who are foreign to that device or instruments and some other kinds of stuff.

We took the course Electronics and Communications Engineering. I don't have any idea

  • why does 1 + 1 = 0
  • what is NAND, OR, AND,
  • how to solve RLC circuit
  • how to use and read multitester

well, you can say I know nothing at all when I step into college, except for solving differential equations.

In our high school, math was given a higher privilege than science and technology. And that explains why I was dumbfounded in that area.

Also, my boyfriend told me that they were given a choice like if they want to become a doctor, nurse, or anything that is in medical world, then they can choose an advance subject that involves more of the science. If you want to become an engineer than they can choose the advance subject that is more on mathematics and statistics.

They definitely should. Today’s high school curriculum has very little with the reality of working life to do.

think they do, well when i last went they taught loads.. it boils down to how much a pupil/student wishes to learn also.

I think it depends on the high school, some are doing great, some are not.

I believe that education should be further reinforced at a practical level, oriented towards career choices before entering university.

It should be a bit more specialized to the area in which the student performs best. Sometimes a child is reprimanded and branded as a poor student because he has poor grades in math or physics and it is actually because his true talents are based on other academic areas. I think the education system should change as soon as possible to be able to further tap the talent of each one.

Yes, Multiple choice exams are a Joke!!!! In Germany, you gotta write an analysis for example in english class and that every exam!

Follow Trump's lead: Arm both students and Teachers...ALL OF THEM... It will make School a safer place. Every Kid starting from age 4 should carry full automatic weapons. Good for the kids' future.... 15,000 deaths per year ain't enough. Damn you idiots. The more guns the better

Not enough, about the career I study, geography, nothing. They give it over and with little encouragement, most, there are exceptions.

Of course they should

Yes, I always like to learn something new.

Learning how to learn is one of the most valuable tools we can give to young people in my view.

YEs. Schools gives you a peas of papper and no skills

I made only connections in school and university . Real knowledge gives you life

They do what they can, it's a lot to cover, the secondary will only give you the basics, and everyone goes deeper, according to the profession.
Regards bunny!

Congratulations to the winners, I hope to be lucky in the next contest. Thanks for the initiative, a friendly greeting.

Definitely in high schools should be expanded knowledge applied more technical subjects to start the young in the real world

I believe that the best is learned alone, with experience and mistakes.

Yes, I always liked go to school :).

Yes, why not ?

As always girl playing games :)

Congratulations to the winners :)!!

In my opinion , of course they should do more, better exams, better system of education.

It should be an option! Not every student is a scholar and would benefit with vocational skills!

Definitely high school should do more. Most interests are build up right from high school, if more is done, it's gon go a long way in preparation and development into the career.

ohh yeah , another giveaway !

More freedom and done.

Congratulations to the winners good job

I like school , these atmosphere ..

I hope to win ;p

Batman is here :0

I like summer, not school .

Glory and win !

I'd suggest that high school should have some technical courses to be offered.