Color Challenge ~ Thursday Green

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This is my entry for today´s #colorchallenge Thursday Green contest hosted by @kalemandra.

Santa Catarina Island is in southern Brazil with the capital city being Florianópolis. Known for its beaches, surfers, islands, mountains, restaurants, nightlife, lagoons, little Owls and Tarantulas. This photo was taken from a peak near Mole Beach facing Lagoa da Conceição. Magical…

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Today´s entry for the #colorchallenge Thursday Green contest - Lagoa da Conceição

Florianópolis .jpg

Photo taken from Mirante Praia Mole Location Click Here

In addition, here are some of the locals. The Little Owl, always staring me down
(Santa Catarina Screech Owl)


And this guy, always waiting
Santa Catarina Tarantula


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The Little Owl looks familiar! ;)


Exactly! I was thinking of your post when writing this up. This is the owl I was talking about.

That first photo looks like a post card! the colors of the lagoon are stunning. Almost looks fake. I'v seen those little owls, they feed on mice if I remember, thus why they stay up all night. Mean little birds.


I have heard that from many. I was surprised how good that came out on a Iphone 6! That part of Brazil was like the tropics. And yes, those little owls are predictors and we saw a few with mice or little rats in their mouths. Crazy.


Owls are predictors, thus why they stay up all night!

Aww I love the little owl how cute! And lovely colours for the contest in the first shot!


Thank you. Those owls were everywhere, and they actually nest in the ground.


Yeah, we have them here, just a lot rarer I think!

Perfect landscape, interesting colors. Don't really like green in fact, but here looks very nice


Beautiful landscape on the first photo, my favorite one :)


One of my best photos, although I really didn't do anything! Magical veiw.

Very beautiful to enjoy. I think, between moments and photography skills make perfect 👌

Thanks @armentor already share the beauty and happiness.


Thank you.

Great post but I really love that first one such a beautiful view


It was an amazing trip and when we got to the lookout point and saw that we were stunned. Definable not Jones or Robert Moses. or Cape Cod.

Wow very beautiful, 👍👍👍


Thank you!

The first shot is like a cover photo from a travel magazine ... just astonishing.


I know..... you've been to places like that, no matter the camera, as long as you have one good eye, the photo comes out great. I just remembered they have massive sand dunes as well.

Wow looks like such a beautiful place.


It was an amazing place. Surfing on one side of the hill and baby Tarantulas on the other side.

Man these shots are simply amazing, loved this owl as well as spider. Also in the first pic nature looks at its best.

Amazing Colorchalenge photography.i love sky photography.
I supported your challenge.
Nature very beautiful.
I appreciate your blog..Thanks for sharing wonderful Photography.
Thursday is the great green sky photography.
Keep it up 😎:))


Thank you

Wow that's really good post hope @armentor also visit my blog🙂