Color Challenge ~ Monday Red

in colorchallenge •  9 months ago

This is my entry for today´s #colorchallenge Monday Red contest
hosted by @kalemandra.

Here in California we consider Firemen the superheroes given the wildfires, floods and earthquakes (jokingly 3 of our 4 seasons).
It’s always reassuring to know that they are close by.


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Cool shot. If I were a fireman, I would want train at the beach! But given the fires last year and mudslides, these guys are heros!


So true my friend. Its good that they are down there, relating, fresh air, bikinis....


I see them also during the weekends up north near rogers state beach past the baywatch boat. They are LAFD. Also say hi to them.

Great photo for Monday Red!


Thank you. I tried to mix it up.

Cute :))



wow nice entry for the contest, wish you all the best and upvoted you.


Thank you.

Facinating and colorful photo of high quality. Nice and beautiful photo


Thank you.

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Looks great! Fireman are the true superheroes, would say so too!


Yes there are. Thanks.

I can't say enough about these men that risk their lives so others may be safe! Great shot and thank you for directing me here!


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