One Way.

in chicago •  8 months ago

A typical street crossing in Chicago’s magnificent mile downtown. An older shot taken well over 6 years ago in the summer.

A lot has changed in the mag mile since then! You hardly see that many crown vic taxi’s! If you’re ever in town and want to see the city in all it’s glory without too many pedestrians, come on the weekday.

Otherwise, some notable nearby places to visit include the water tower shopping center as well as navy pier close to Lake Michigan.


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This is a beautiful shot. And thanks for the visiting tip.

That's a pretty good sight.... I can't love this any less.
It's a thumbs up from me 😊

This is called nostalgia

Yeah, It's really look so beautiful and astounding. That is the best way to remember old days. you know just i shown this image to my grandfather, GrandFather Reaction > "OooooMyGod, that's my time". Btw.. Thanks for sharing post. We love it.

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Awesome photography keep it up.

It look cool.It feels really good to rmeber old days of life.

Downtown Chicago is a beauty. Chicago native I presume?


Yes, definitely!


Awesome. Same!!

Chicago is a beauty i like to travel in taxi your post was so interesting now i am going to following you now

Hopefully I'll get to visit that place one day. Nice pic

Thank you very much, Good article .

When looking at this photo, Frank Sinatra's New york New york plays in my mind.

This is nice, you can feel the journey through time

the framing has been very good, I would like to visit, however for now my economy does not allow it, I welcome good work

Such a gem to find from 6 years ago 😍

I like its publication, I hope someday I know this city. see my last post

The best images are those that retain their strength and impact over the years, despite the number of times they are seen. It is so beautiful that place with so much good vibes, I love it, although I do not know if it is the place or the good what is the photograph, or maybe a perfect connection of that

Great post; thanks for sharing. Beautiful pic. Followed!

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