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Good evening, Yesterday we made an article talking about our outreach today and we are here again to give the Steemit community updates on how it went.

we can proudly say the outreach was a huge success.

The appointment was scheduled for 11am on the 13th of June 2018 (today) and the girls foundation got to the venue as early as 10.15am to start making preparations.
On getting there we had to talk and explain the concept of Steemit to interested teachers which the principal has already told about our visit.
At 10:50am the students were ready to receive us and as at 11am we started our activities.


  • We gave a briefing about the foundation and it's goals
  • Gave lectures
  • Question and answer section
  • Gift section
  • And the amazing pictures section.

@faetee introduced the concept of the girls foundation to the students and started the lectures to enlighten the female students of their norms and values.
@meemee continued from where @faetee stopped, she also gave a short story to the students and rounded up the lectures.

@faetee, @meemee and @crystalll handled the question and answer sections together.

Gift section

Gifts were presented by @faetee and was shared by both @faetee and @meemee.

Winners of the question and answer section were presented with a new set of school uniforms and took videos and pictures with the girls foundation.


After everything we thanked the principal and the teachers for their hospitality and bid them farewell.

Shout-out to the girls foundation from the winners of the school uniform

camera held by:- @raymondbruce and @crystalll.

About us

The girls foundation is a project set up to enlighten young ladies of their
norms and value, advocate for the girl-child, encourage and support them
with the little we can.
We believe the girl-child can bring about change in our society. Women are
essential to the nation because they take care of its children, the children
are the future leaders of the nation, if you are familiar with the bible you
must have heard of this verse “train up a child in the way he should go and
when he is old he won‟t depart from it”.
Girls foundation was founded by a group of selfless ladies, it is a non￾governmental organization an d believes in decentralization.


  • To enlighten youths of their purpose in life. We believe once you
    know the truth and purpose of your existence you are free, the
    journey to success and failure now lies in your hands.
  • Rape free society- Rape is a sexual assault carried out against a
    person forcefully. The rate at which girls are being raped these days
    is alarming, we are also humans and we deserve respect. Most rape
    victims suffer from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, serious
    injuries and in some cases pregnancy and sexually transmitted
  • Fight against domestic violence- it is also known as intimate partner
    violence, domestic abuse or family violence ; it's a form of violence
    committed in a domestic or family setting, such as in marriage or
    cohabitation. It is called intimate partner violence when committed by
    spouse and called family violence when it involves the kids, parents
    or elders. Domestic violence has several effects on human that's is why girls foundation is picking it up. Effects of domestic violence
    includes :
    1.) Physical effect: This involves bruises round the victim, broken
    wrists, shortness of breath etc.
    2.) Mental effect: This involves PTSD (post-traumatic stress),
    pressing, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts etc.
    3.) Emotional effect: This involves feeling unworthy, hopeless and not
    motivated etc.
    4.) It affects the development of the kids and they suffer from
    depression, anxiety, fear etc
    Domestic violence always produces an international cycles of
    violence. Funny, only few people see themselves as being abused;
    considering it as family matter.
  • Girl education: Some people still believe that training a female child is
    a waste of time and money 'cause they feel she'd still end up in the
    kitchen, well sorry to disappoint you but ladies can do much more
    than just being house wives, lots of educated women are doing fine in
    our society today. Every child deserves equal right to education.
    We don't think anyone should be treated differently because of their
    gender, we are all one and it's high time we realized that.


The primary aim of the girls foundation is to enlighten girls and increase
the awareness of the steem blockchain and steemit. Giving girls the ability
to create wealth with their writing skills, without waiting for the government

Supported by:- @surfyogi and @wafrica
Ideologist:- @raymondbruce
Founded by:- @faetee
Team members:- @meemee and @crystalll

You can contact us via email:- [email protected]

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All Thumbs up!


Really great article, excellent results, glad to see some happy faces here.
Great photos, all my best to you.



Thank you


Yes i also upvoted and resteemed and i see you have gotten a lot of upvotes from @lukestokes @bleepcoin @teamsteem @surfyogi @steem-ambassador wow good job! keep it up and do lots of @dtube and videos! Use the android free app called BitStream to do RCMP video strreaming to connect to dlive and try streaming right from your phone live if you have thw bandwidth! if not just upload prerecorded videos toi dlive for this project

yes we need more female representatives of steem to the world. I just posted about the need for non threatening women faces of steem to make steem look accessible and friendly and not a cold and hard to use technical platform. We need to make steem appear warm and friendly


Thank you @ackza, I have been trying to log in via steemconnect so I could upload the full video clip but steem connect has refused to sign us in. But I'll keep trying.
Thanks for your advice, we really appreciate

That's great work you are doing. Girls can achieve as much as the boys if they are given the right chances


I'm glad you believe in us @steevc, we girls have decided to step out and step up

Mehn... Was I happy to see you guys close to my place of abode... I actually thought I And some few friends I introduced were d only steemians that live around here..

It was really 9ce seeing we are not d only steemians living around here..


It was nice seeing you too

Kudos. This is a great initiative!!!

Wow, great initiative, wish you truck loads of love. Pleasure to follow you, will be staying tuned to such great efforts..:-)

It's good see how we all are embracing the steem platform and making positive impact via #steem kudos to you ladies.


Thank you, we are trying our best to make an impact

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Congratulations blessings for your foundation that as a team can develop all your projects and help all possible

Wow @girlsfoundation . You're doing a great job enlightening and encouraging these young ones. Keep it up.

This is an amazing initiative and i wish i can be part of it :) Thumbs up to you guys.

Wow..l have something so important to share with @girlsfoundation. It is something of a sort which l feel so happy @surfyogi is in support of this.upped

Great initiative ladies. I'm glad you are making impact towards the female child in Africa.


Thank you @lordjames. We are trying to leverage on the steem blockchain to impact in our nation. We won't wait for the government ,we can bring about the desired change

Excellent work that is good to help other happiness are great human success