Caturday - possible new cat

in cat •  5 months ago

This is itty bitty the sister of our new cat (going by the name SARA still). We have been encouraged to take her home with us. However, that would be cat number 6. I think that is too many, but Mrs. Bunnypuncher thinks it would be fine.

So thoughts get her or stay with just the 5 we have ?


For reference, this is our new cat Sara:


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Look at that face! Of course you're going to keep her!

If Mrs. B-P was against it I might hesitate with my answer. If you say she's for it, well, I don't even know why you would even ask the question! ;-]

10/10 Nice cats. Happy caturday.

good cat

Tough choice, @bunnypuncher. Six cats...this is a great responsibility. However, I can see only the pro's:

  • You cannot separate siblings.
  • Sara would be forever grateful ("forever" for cats means few seconds 😂).
  • Mrs. will be very hapy.
  • And the most important: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "TOO MANY CATS"!!!

Awe..if only they weren't so cute! She would be going to a good home and what's one more so it's a "go for it" from me! ;)

Cute cat, 6 is too many in my opinion though. It’s a tough call.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

Very pretty kitty! Of course, I have a weakness for orange cats... the informal "house rule" around here has typically been "no more cats that there are hands in the household," but that has been broken various times... if they all get along, the difference between five and six is... pretty much nothing!


Very pretty cat

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Happy wife, happy life! And 6 hairballs roaming around can be fairly amusing from time to time. haha

Sara is so cute! ❤️ You can add one more if you can take care of them all why not. 😊

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