A underwhelming Audi A7

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I actually don't know what this guy does in life, was too tired to start a decent conversation. But I heard him talk about the sum of 1.3 million euro's. So he's probably doing OK in life. Overall the client was kind, but stressed out guy. He alwyas allowed me to take his car and go chill somewhere, at the condition to be back at a certain time.


This A7, with a V6 went from 0-100 kmh in around the mid 6 seconds. The stickerprice at the time was 80k, they now go for 30k. It had almost 200.000 km's on the counter, with no electric seats...

Anyways, it had a very good cruise control system that automaticly brakes and accelrate, wich I loved. The interior is a copy paste of the Audi A8, wich also isn't very nice. But I have to admit, the exterior looks slik with the rear that drops in a stylish way.

Another fun thing is the spoiler, wich you can raise like the new Panamera (see previuos posts). So I give the car a 7/10, it laks comfort and interior styling.






GPS that allows you to write the letters manually, then reconizes them automaticly


Playing with the spoiler (as usual)



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That's nice what's the top speed and how much bhp


245 kmh/h, 245 BHP ;)

Yes, very underwhelming, thanks for the pictures it must have been a fun ride.


It was an ok ride, you can buy much more fun stuff with that money in my opinion, but I can be wrong ;)

nice car, bad spec. that steeringwheel is a disgrace.


I surived tho :p there are much more wors cars than this


car is very OK, don't be like that. I am saying that it is almost base stuff there


True, im getting too spoiled, im in the new Q7 right now, is much better, episode comming out soon