@ganjafarmer at the gathering oregon regionals..

in cannabis •  7 months ago

Spreading Steemit to the dirty hippies.


And they are signing up here at the gathering.

And when you show them your posts... They take notice.

More family content coming...

I have the Solar charging panel going full blast. Will be needing power for sure!

But it's beautiful out here! Wish you was here.

Except for the chemtrails!


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I have few questions if you are kind.

I smoke once, something like ganja, weed, dont know exactly how it calls back in 2009 but was harsh for me, in days i had high blood pressure, panic attacks, anxiety, horror.

How you live with smoking?

All the best mister!


Some cannabis strains are higher in THC or CBD than other strains, and they have different effects. Maybe you had one that caused some anxiety. Or maybe, you had something else, that you aren't aware of? And remember, everybody is different, so we all react to things differently. Some people don't like how cannabis makes them feel and that's ok.
Next time you smoke, maybe try a smaller amount, and hopefully it is an Indica strain (not Sativa). Indica is usually more relaxing, and better for pain and sleep problems. Sativa is usually stimulating, exciting, and good against cancer.


Or it was moldy...

Thanks for dealing with all the dirty hippies! They're everywhere nowadays, with their weed, and their peace, and their love! It's horrible! ;)


I've got extra soap on a rope! And they have that devils lettuce...

As long as the hippies stay out of my tool shed, then hell yeah bring them all here!!


Lol lock them in the basement! And have one hippy going all cartman and wants people to respect the authority! Lol

Thank you for your contribution!
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