420 Mt. Tabor Celebration in PORTLAND OREGON - Video, photos & Re-cap

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This volcano is usually dormant, but never on 4/20. On this day, all the hippies & stoners gather at the top of Mount Tabor to experience a community smoke-out. Over the years, I have experienced this event with varying degrees of intensity and participation. The first year I came out to this event, there were so many people that when 4:20 pm hit, the smoke was so thick that I couldn't see through it {{Fiiiire on the moooooountain}}. There was also a live DJ spinning hip-hop with sound equipment, medicated ice cream, and bongs and dab rigs spinning around everywhere.

(Click pic below to play video of the 2018 MT420C)

This year's event wasn't quite as extravagant as the first year I attended, however this year's 420 Mount Tabor Celebration was awesome in its own right. There was a dynamic drum circle, spinners, glass vendors, crystal vendors, clothing vendors, food vendors, and all kinds of great people passing around bongs, rigs, blunts, and pipes. There were also a descent amount of artists among everyone. I met some amazing fellow locals that I became acquainted with, and overall was another fantastic chill experience. The vibes on the volcano were definitely on point this year.



The Mount Tabor 420 Celebration has been acclaimed in an international cannabis magazine, and at one point was ranked in the top five 4/20 celebrations in the entire U.S. Also this event is and always has been free. This was my 4th year attending.



I also traded a piece of Moldavite for this amazing triple crystal specimen.
This is Apophyllite, Stilbite, & Flourite


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Pic of the Weed Wings Lapel Pin Prize for my 420 contest... active for the next 6 days

I hope everyone had a great 420, and if you have your own awesome 4/20 experience this year, please comment below.
Blessings my people, & stay tuned - into the right frequencies.

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More proof that stoners aren't just munchie-eating couch-potatoes! Looks like a great turnout. Thanks for sharing this, because we did absolutely nothing to celebrate, other than play some disc golf, but that's normal for us. There was some convention in DC, but of course it cost money and you had to be 21. Oregon knows how to include everyone. 💚


I hope we can see you all at some point in the near future... keep it real.

Ahh man I wish I coulda been there.


Oh snap I forgot you were on Steemit bro. You need to post more so I can promote you!

Cant waiy to try it. Ive been on the testnet but they have some bugs to work out. They must be using steemit code because the layout is exactly the same.


My bad. I commented on the wrong post. I think 420 hit me too hard. Lol


Are you talking about @queuevius's platform?