Burning Bid-Bot - This is an entry for the #burningcontest

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Because this is my first contest I am not sure how things go around.

Here is the contest : https://steemit.com/burningbot/@lrd/introducing-lrd-the-first-burning-bid-bot-10-sbd-contest-for-designing-logo

The logo was made with Inkscape.

In the contest was written :

3- By entering the contest you allow all the images to be used by @lrd.
4- Add the tag #burn if you want the prize to be burnt or add the tag #greed in case you want to keep it (in case you win).

@lrd I am ok with that but .. there is no need for the .svg ? And I'm not sure - When the contest ends?

Also :
This is an entry for the #burningcontest
and #greed because I am new on Steemit. So if I win I want to invest those 10 SBD in my Voting Power.

Here is the first attempt of making the flame … I know .. don't ask xD
At some point I realise that the flame was too long .. so I tried to stretch it down .. but it didn't work so well .


This is the second attempt where I mixed up the initial ideas.
But finally I was pleased with the result.


Here is the initial sketch.


I hope I did everything right.

As @lrd asked me -> black background and no username
Resolution : 750x750 px | Format : .png


Have a nice day & Thank you for your time!

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Hello @blankrained, I will try to address all your questions:
1- When does the contest end?
It will end the 03/04/2018 at 00:00 UTC time.
2- The type of picture format
The formats accepted will be .jpg and .pgn
3- In case you win we will mention you as the author + give you the corresponding reward of 10 SBD, the logo shouldn't contain your username.

You designed a beautiful logo and so far is the best one we have received, would it be possible to change the logo so that the logo is only the one on the right with a black background without your username below.

Great work. keep it up!!
Happy burning time!!


Thanks for response!
I added an Update at the end of the post with the logo/black background/no username.

Good luck @blankrained !! You made it so awesome, i like it a lot!

Hey @blankrained, best of luck on the contest!! I like your content so hope it goes well!

You got a 100.00% upvote from @lrd courtesy of @safedeposit!