BuildTeam High Performance RPC Full Node Cluster

in buildteam •  9 months ago

The is a load balanced cluster of not one but two 512GB NVME Raid Servers and one 256GB SSD server. All servers in the cluster support all plugins and runs as a full node including account history.

Free to use by all is used by a lot of high profile projects for the STEEM blockchain and is publicly available and free to use.

RPC Performance

Most full nodes were unable to complete this test reliably or even once, without failing.

Below are the response times for all the nodes that completed the test successfully at least once. Some of these were unable to repeat the test without throwing errors.

The simple test consists of returning 100 blocks sequentially.

Node Administration

All node administration and service is performed by witness @themarkymark.

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Will definitely use you for my code!

I still don't fully understand what is a rpc-full-node-cluster means. Is it good or bad?


It is very good :) let’s just say that developers build software but need a way for the software to communicate with the blockchain, the rpc nodes allow this to happen, kind of like a “middleman”. Faster nodes mean developers can create software that can handle more users and more transactions, kind of like @steemvoter and @minnowbooster, which process lots of transactions.

Oh and a cluster just means that there are a few nodes working together, so if one fails the others still keep running, also when all three are up means the power of all three are combined to serve even more transaction requests.

Great job guys! RPC nodes are badly needed, and also reliable RPC nodes. Top Notch Job! Thanks

Awesome, thank you. STEEM needs more nodes! I'd like to put one in my location Thailand before long, there's a lot of users here. It's on my very long to do list!

Will you announce downtimes, maintenance, upgrades, etc. for this node?
Would be nice to have a real stable RPC node
cough * not really * cough


We are currently not doing that publicly but if you run a project that needs this, we may consider it. We already have health checks and monitoring available, but that won't protect us from downtime if steemd has hickups.


no one is protected from steemd hickups;)
but at least maintenance cycles, so ops can switch from one node to another, during that time window.
Like a real service :))


In that case I recommend backup nodes if your library allows them. It can happen that nodes just lock up and just don't respond at all without warning. No one can predict that sadly.


Define stable ... is stable enough - otherwise use backup-nodes


define stable enough ;)

Also remember that we provide an rpc node without jussi or appbase or other beta features that made problems in the past. We may change that once we deem them stable enough but for the moment we have users who depend on us not changing node behavior on a whim.



Your RPC-Node is top-notch. Don't get me wrong there. I just believe is stable enough for most use-cases and in combination with backup-nodes, there shouldn't be any problem there.


Yeah definitely! For small use case they are enough. But once you leave that territory you can be pretty left alone should issues arise (like the current one where lacks behind on transfer history by days)


Oh, that timing is precious :)


they switched to version 0.19.4 without any notice.
This is a no go in any service management.
You have deployment plans, rfcs, etc.
I should write a tutorial for steemit it seems, how to operate a reliable service.

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Wow this is a great work

We already have health checks and observations available, just like Sharq needs rakha ..

It's a very good post...!!! thanks

It's a very good post...!!! thanks to @buildteam

@buildteam continues to innovate in the face of cryptocurrency market decline, our vision is long term... the time to build is always now, no matter the circumstances. Markets will rise and fall, but technological advancements will touch the lives of many and leave behind a legacy, this is the heart of @buildteam. Thank you to our builders for the great work in advancing the Steem community. Salute!

Thank you guys! @tipu send 1 sbd tip

Thanks you friend
Nice my post

Excellent tool thanks for your contributions

Is state stored fully in RAM on this node, or should it scale beyond 512GB through using the NVME drives for that too? State must be getting fairly close to that now I'd guess?

Nice evolution, that's good.
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