BuildTeam : Curation Tips and Ideas for Producing Quality Content

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Hey guys, we are here today to bring you an exciting new video from the studios of BuildTeam.

Oh c'mon guys you remember BuildTeam! No? Well you must know MinnowBooster?

This video should help to explain a few things that may help content producers hold a higher standard and follow similar guidelines to academic writers who we can find published in journals and major newspapers.

Buildteam is very happy to promote educational materials like this video that are focused on educating Steem users in how to write better content.

So without further delay, enjoy the video:

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and have a better understanding about what types of content are suitable for curating to high reward levels. Together we can make Steem a quality platform full of useful and interesting articles and content!

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Great Ideas indeed.
This is a good help from your side to the community.

Thanks for these useful tips

You guys are RIGHT ON. There is nothing more important for the future of Steemit and Steemians than improving content. Glad someone is providing newbies (and, also, especially the "trending" section whales) information on how to produce quality content!!

Sounds like wonderful ideas, I have had some issues myself with the number of viewers, however the race is long. Great info thank you.

I like seeing my one big issue with Steemit being addressed, thank you. Good run down of the baseline for a 'good content' article, though the music was a bit loud compared to the narration, it took me a couple of tries at full volume to be able to hear what was being said over my kids. Hopefully with more posts like this, more awareness, Steemit will be able to at least mostly over run the "click-bait culture". Fingers crossed.

Photography post at the end shouldn't be considered abuse. Steemit is a platform of many artists and authors. Just because one author writes stories doesn't make his or her content more valuable than someone who posts photos or art.

Artists / photographers don't need to write paragraphs upon paragraphs to showcase their work, and unfortunately you don't seem to understand this and neither does Minnowbooster which only leads to those of us that use Steemit for this type of content to look elsewhere for our services.

What you're implying is that authors are the only ones producing "meaningful" content. This thinking is flawed. If you look at well renowned artists and photographers, rarely do you see a short story on a behind the scenes look at their artwork.

Moreover, it is NOT necessary to include an attribution link to a Pixabay image as all images are CC0 Creative Commons which clearly states: "Free for commercial use - No attribution required."

Please change your thinking. There's a difference between spam posts and actual hard work. Steemit is a community where thinkers, artists, musicians, and authors alike should be free to place their work. When a vote service starts adding ridiculous TOS that excludes a specific type of media and favors another, things tend to head in a negative direction.


You have been blacklisted for breaking MB terms of service. Drop by the discord if you feel it was in error. Photography can be curated and boosted with MB as long as it includes 150 words describing the context in which it was taken and provides background information to support the work is creative and original. All of these expectations are based on the feedback of fellow Steemians. This is the community speaking loud and clear.

Promoting educational materials and high-quality posts is great. I know of several places that do just that.

I always like @builteam cause their service are very good.

Awesome video indeed, thanks for that.
I personally would like to see you on D-tube.
Keep it up

Thanks a million for the good and kind advice.

The tips on creating quality content are good and should be shared all around the platform. This is something i agree with and you made a good video on that.

I do disagree that people need to teach others how to curate posts, everyone should just upvote what they want to upvote, even if that said post is not well written or full of grammar mistakes. If someone has written original content, who cares if they did something wrong?

Everyone should upvote posts because they like the content in it, not because it's "well written" or because everything is perfect.

I'm willing to discuss this if anyone disagrees.

@Minnowbooster and @buildteam have attracted my attention. It's nice to have additional guidance in consideration to what content to upvote, resteem, and comment on. I'm looking forward to improving my content production and reach with tips like these. Thanks for sharing this style content. This steemit page is sure to benefit the minnows swimming into the water.

Awesome job here.. I like the idea...

Wow! That was a lot of information, but very useful. It will take me a while to digest it and definitely I will need to reread it. Thank you for tackling this topic. I have been trying to figure out the best way to approach curation, but also wasn't sure how to do the math with the apples and oranges and tomatoes units of payment, so thank you for helping clarify the math. You also answered my question with what I suspected was the answer, like so much in this world it's not yes or no, "it depends". Once again as in many things you have to research the answer and find out how to do it right and how not to do it wrong. I also have a question, if you would be so kind. I am allowing my voting power to recharge because its less then 30% right now. My strategy is to continue writing comments, but go back and upvote the articles by finding them through my comments list when I am back above 80%. I am unsure if this strategy will work in reserving my place in line for voting soon after a post is published visa vie a time stamp on my comment or if it's a time stamp on my upvote that ultimately matters. What are your thoughts?
Thank you

Excelente iniciativa para los amantes del contenido con calidad. Por lo demas muy buen articulo que explica con pocas palabras la finalidad de esta iniciativa.

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Yes I agree with you on the importance of management tips and ideas to produce content

Very good post
Very important to take into account these tips to write, so that these are more interesting for the community of steemit, and that each time have higher quality.

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Great job thanks for taking time out to put this together. Permission to resteem...

The whole concept behind Build Team is totally understandable where they want to enhance the steem social network ecosystem and buy also having a token to be part of the Build Team family makes the whole network come together like a family and all the up coming projects will make Build Team a force to reckon with in the near future.

The biggest complaint i hear is about the amount of time put into the posts and how little views it receives....hard to pull the votes when on bottom.

An honor can read the entire post about Curation Tips and Ideas for Producing Quality Content @buildteam

And it becomes a very useful and helpful outlook in delivering quality content and to improve knowledge in Cripto world and an honor to be able to join the discord keeps me up-to-date at all times.

Good job. I am a musician and think my content is pretty good but rarely get rewarded apart from dsound.
Any tips?

Great information (y)

cảm ơn bạn vì đã tạo ra những nội dung hữu ích

would you like to do some public welfare through blockchain?

good contribution

The quality of content is the key of success in steemit. Most of beginners they do know on how to create the interesting content to increase their reputation and curation on their accounts, thanks you guys for helping us.

The Build Team is a team of Autobot engineers and architects, responsible for building the Global Space Bridge on Earth. They can also combine into the super robot Landfill. Optimus Prime values them as builders, but would generally prefer to keep them away from the battlefield.

NO Offence

But, i recently showed steemit to some of the writers who write for newspapers and mags, they didnot like the trending page at all, they laughed and completely ignored.

Then on a serious note they told me, that we get paid for writing, we write what we are passionate about, we dedicate alot of time to it, unlike here that you have to pay bots to trend, which means you can write any bullshit and just pay.

Most of these writers are not programmers, and its not even their subject. they noticed 10 posts on steemit and its complaints, 10 posts on crypto and 20+ stupid posts on trending page, and said "these sites dont last long, its there to stay as its connected to decentralized system, sooner or later there will be better versions, like"

Well i didnot argue, but listened. Some of it did make sense.


Es war perfekt ✔ prima.. . danke schön 🌷

That's really amazing and informative.