BuildTeam 2.0 Series: Architecture

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Hi! @upheaver here, head of development at BuildTeam.

Today I'm continuing with a series of posts titled BuildTeam 2.0, which will give you a sneak peak at some of the exciting new products and services we have been working on during the last few months.

Today's post will be a bit more technical and focus on our new technology stack and architecture. Many of you may find it interesting to learn about some of the changes we are making under the hood.

Technology Stack

BuildTeam started off from a variety of different projects built under different circumstances, therefore our technology stack varies significantly from project to project. Services like MinnowBooster, which were built as monolithic apps became slower and more complex to maintain as they became more successful.

We have chosen to focus on modern, high performance Javascript as the primary language for our technology stack and the new generation of technical infrastructure. Javascript will power all of our server side applications and services via Node.js as well as client apps which are and will continue to be built with React, Preact and React Native.

By the way, if you are a Javascript developer, drop us a line on Discord! We are hiring!

The flexibility brought by using JavaScript across the stack allows us to better de-couple the code into separate client-side and server-side applications, which in turn leads us to the next big thing:

Open Source

I'm excited to announce today that we will be making some of our new client side code available under a permissive Open Source license and open up some of our client side projects to external contributors over the course of 2018.

We hope that opening up some of our development work will inspire collaboration between development teams and help to create more high quality products for the Steem ecosystem.


The next big change is the way we build apps and interact with steem blockchain - we are moving to a microservices based architecture.

A typical Steem application is built to contain everything it needs in one monolithic bundle - authentication, database, email, notifications, interface with Steem blockchain and client side code. Over 75% of any application development resources are wasted on re-building these repetitive parts.

Instead of bundling it up in one big project, we are splitting our code up into tiny microservices that are extremely good at what they do, and they are only tasked to do one or two things at a time - like sending an email, or posting an event to a Steem RPC node.

Our microservices are interconnected via RabbitMQ which allows us to have high availability and process tens of thousands of events and operations per second within our infrastructure, with no data loss (in case a single microservice is shut down - data stays queued up until microservice comes back up again).

This change also allows us to innovate quickly, as we can now build apps by re-using the existing microservices and connecting them in new ways.

What does it mean for you?

Our new infrastructure means that the average Steemian can expect better quality services, better performance, service uptime and many more BuildTeam products over the next year.

I hope you enjoyed this technical sneak peak, and will join us in the next post where we will present a revolutionary new product for the Steem ecosystem. Until next time!

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We have chosen to focus on modern, high performance Javascript as the primary language for our technology stack and the new generation of technical infrastructure. Javascript will power all of our server side applications and services via Node.js

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