Huge Burning Bid-Bot Update + Roadmap for the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot

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  • New features and changes introduced to the Burning Bid-Bot
  • A quick view of all the features that the Bid-Bot currently has
  • Burning Bid-Bot Roadmap for improvement

New features and changes to the Burning Bid-Bot

Minimum ROI of -10% and maximum ROI of 10%

This change has been introduced to:

Give delegators more stable earnings

By putting a maximum of ROI of 10% you ensure that delegators will receive similar amounts of SBD/STEEM daily.

Prevent bidders from using the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot just to make money

Since the maximum amount of ROI they can earn is a 10% you will prevent those that use Bid-Bots just to make money from bidding with the Burning Bid-Bot.

Give the ones who want to promote their post a stable option

By having a Minimum ROI of -10% you give the opportunity to promote posts whilst they know for sure they will get back at least 90% of their investment.

Minimum post age lowered to 15 minutes

This change has been done to encourage more steemians to use the Burning Bid-Bot, giving delegators higher earnings.

Random lottery added

On random days, at a random time delegators receive an extra payment in Steem, this feature is already active, the 22/04/2018 @sames received 7.54 Steem as an added bonus and @cryptkeeper 1.477 Steem, hope you enjoyed that one.

Will this be a permanent thing?

Yes, but there isn't a fixed day or amount for when this random lotteries will happen, consider it as an added bonus.

What can the Burning Bid-Bot currently offer to you

As a delegator

  • 100% earnings go to delegators
  • Random lottery (Extra Steem bonus)
  • If you are the largest delegator you will receive 15% of the curation rewards that the bot generates
  • You are burning Steem since 5% of the curation rewards are burnt (sent to @null)
  • Daily payments in both SBD and STEEM

Delegate now!!

Bonus: If you are the largest delegator/sponsor you will receive 15% of the curation rewards generated on a weekly basis. 10 SP 20 SP 50 SP 100 SP 200 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2000 SP 5000 SP 10000 SP 20000 SP 50000 SP 100000 SP

As a bidder

  • Low minimum bid (0.01 SBD/STEEM)
  • Minimum ROI of -10% (you will get back at least 90% of your bid)
  • You are helping to burn STEEM (5% of curation rewards are burnt)
  • Minimum post age of 15 minutes

Burning Bid-Bot Roadmap

We aim to be one of the biggest Bid-Bots in the Steem ecosystem that is why we want to be fully transparent on what we plan on doing when achieving the following Steem delegated milestones:

10,000 Steem Power Milestone

10% of curation rewards will be burnt (currently 5% is burnt).

50,000 Steem Power Milestone

Largest will now receive 20% of curation rewards (currently 15%).

100,000 Steem Power Milestone

10% of curation rewards will go to promoting events and contests for minnows (currently 0%).

500,000 Steem Power Milestone

10% of curation rewards will go to fund a community account creation service (currently 0%).

1,000,000 Steem Power Milestone

20% of curation rewards will be burnt (Previous Milestone was 10%).

Here's what we need to make this happen

More delegators

More steemians using the Bid-bot


Join the discord server of the Burning Bid-Bot We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to be made, you can contact us through with the nickname of lrd.

Happy burning time,

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I'm already delegating with minnowbooster. Is there anything different about using the Burning Bid-Bo @lrd?


no probably/maybe more profitable


Glad you asked, the Burning Bid-Bot can offer you things that Minnowbooster can't:

  • The Burning Bid-Bot offers you 100% of earnings while Minnowbooster only offers you up to 85-90% profits due to the fact they have a flat fee, we don't.
  • Delegating to the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot you have a chance to receive the random lottery payout giving you additional Steem (there is no such feature in Minnowbooster).
  • If you are the largest delegator you'll receive 15% of curation rewards (there is no such feature in Minnowbooster).
  • You are helping reduce the Steem supply due to the fact that 5% of curation rewards are burnt.
  • We have a promising Roadmap (read above) in which we will keep on improving the Burning Bid-Bot an adding to it more features.
If you have any other questions we will be happy to answer.

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