100% profit for delegators & 20% of curator rewards Burning Bid-Bot Big Update!!

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The @lrd Burning Bid-Bot has been running for 24 days and we have noticed that it couldn't compete with the rest of the bots due to the fact that delegators only received 50% of profits because 40% of the profits were burnt by sending them to @null, this significant reduction caused the community not to delegate that is why we have updated profit percentages to benefit everyone while still helping reduce the Steem supply through the burning process.

100% of profits goes to delegators

We have found the solution to both maximize the delegators earnings while burning Steem that is why from now onwards all the bids that the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot gets will be distributed to the delegators accordingly to the amount of Steem Power they have delegated.


Bob delegates 1,000 Steem Power to the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot, supposing that the Bid-Bot has 10,000 Voting Power and that day it earned 9 SBD and 1 STEEM Bob would receive 0.9 SBD and 0.1 STEEM that day corresponding to his share.

Why have changed profitability from 50% to 100% (an increase of 100%)?

We believe the 100% profits will encourage more steemians to delegate and the more Voting Weight that the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot has the more Steem it will be able to burn.

Curation rewards distribution

15% of curation rewards will go to the largest delegator/sponsor

You heard that right, if you are the largest sponsor of the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot you will receive 100% profits from your delegation plus 15% of all the curation rewards on a weekly basis that the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot generates when voting, this will give an outstanding ROI for the largest sponsor, even bigger than if he/she hosted a bot on their own!!

5% of curation rewards will go to @null to reduce the STEEM supply

You are not only receiving 100% of profits you are also reducing the STEEM supply making every STEEM that you or others hold even more valuable. STEEM will be burnt on a weekly basis.

Future updates

We aim to make the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot one of the largest Bid-Bots in the Steem ecosystem that is why we will:
-Never change the profits earned by delegators, it will always be 100%
-As new Delegated Steem Power comes in we will increase the curation rewards percentages to:
-Increase curation reward percentage that the largest delegator/sponsor gets
-Increase curation reward percentage that is burnt
-Fund Steem Growth projects with a percentage of curation rewards to make Steem a better blockchain that it
is(Future project)

Delegate Now to earn daily payments of SBD/STEEM (100% of the Bid-Bot profits)

Bonus: If you are the largest delegator/sponsor you will receive 15% of the curation rewards generated on a weekly basis.
10 SP
20 SP
50 SP
100 SP
200 SP
500 SP
1000 SP
1500 SP
2000 SP
5000 SP
10000 SP
20000 SP
50000 SP
100000 SP

Rules for using the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot

-Bid rounds every 2.4 hours
-Minimum bid is 0.01 SBD/STEEM
-Min age 30 minutes/Max age 3 days
-The @lrd Burning BId-Bot doesn't promote spam or plagiarism, if you want to report one of this cases message @lrd in steem.chat and we will evaluate whether the vote should be removed or not.


Join the discord server of the Burning Bid-Bot
You can contact us through steem.chat our nickname is lrd.

Happy burning time,

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What an excellent idea, just what I have been waiting for! Brilliant thinking bot makers, hopefully everyone else will see the wisdom in this and climb aboard, congrats, you added another member to your bandwagon!

omfg, how does a shitpost like this make $112?

and here i am being CREATIVE and posting ORRIGINAL CONTENT

and i cant even make $5 a week?


Well it not that bad of a shit post then again i am an investor so i am bias...
Compared to other bid bots post-this is better. I won't say bid bots are good but atleast this one help reduce the supply of sbd
If it makes you feel better this post burned more money to advertise this post. The bot didn't make profit from this advertising...


They bought 114 of those rewards.
You cant get rewards because the large stake holders are sucking them all up by delegating to bots.


hear here


its got me to the point of putting in less effort on my posts, because, well, refrained obscenity why burn myself out?


Yep, their bs makes this game unappealing, for sure.
Its why nobody is buying in except korean speculators who most likely have been lied to about the math.

how much daily steem would 20k get?


I will try to answer your question following some guesses:
-Bidding rounds give an average of +5% ROI for the bidder after the 14% curation.
-An average of 14% curation rewards.

Earnings for 20k Steem Power

100% profit

It would give an average of 18-20 SBD or Steem (distributed among both) per day.

Curation reward bonus for largest sponsor

With your 20k Steem the bot would have around 21200 SP (the more people delegate the more you would earn if you are still the largest sponsor) meaning it would get in curation rewards roughly 2 Steem per day so you would receive 2.1 extra Steem every week.
This numbers are highly likely to change due to:
-Steem Price
-Bidding rounds (How much people bid, the more people know the bot the more that it will earn)
-Curation rewards(We have a 30 min post age

You got a 100.00% upvote from @lrd courtesy of @safedeposit!

never mind say the update- the bot has got a cool feature :)