Deck pad- The Octopus is real

in blog •  7 months ago

I've noticed people are starting to ride with deck pads on the front of their short boards. While I am not much of a short board rider I am happy to see this happening because it means that our local surf shops are stocking deck pads!! When kiteboarding on a strapless surfboard it is essential to have a front deck pad. But for surfing prone the deck pad can chafe on your chest if it is too bulky and the added weight changes the performance of the board.

For kitesurfing, I have tried many pads out and my absolute favorite is the Octopus brand pad. At only 3mm thick and with a nice corduroy the pad is low profile and lightweight but makes a nice grippy connection with your foot.

When you place your pad on the front deck of the board, be sure to place it further forward than you think you should. Everyone makes the same mistake and places their pad too far back.

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