Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Two Scenarios but Same Destination

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The minor correction is still in progress and I believe it'll be the ABC kind and not a complex type. I don't think there will be an alternation of corrective type between waves 2 and 4. The below chart shows that potential abc (red) correction before resuming towards the 5th wave.

From zoomed out picture, the abc (red) fits pretty well; though a bit steep and short in time.

The alternate shows that the current decline today could be the red A wave and the B and C are yet to come; as shown in below chart. It only means that more time will be taken by the correction; but the destination is the same.

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Once we are above 10k, sentiment is going to change. People will want to get into the game again.

Hello Haejin. Can you please post about ECA (Electra). Thanks.

your information is very useful

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Bitcoin will do to the banks what the email did to the postal industry. We have decided to put our money and our faith in a mathematical structure that is free of human or political errors.