Proof of Work VS Proof of Stake - Simplified Explanation

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

A clear video explaining proof of work vs. proof of stake, brought to you by Cryptonauts. 

CORRECTION: Your stake percentage to win signing a block is actually dependent on how much you own in a stake pool, so you would obviously be competing against many other stake holders, not just four. 

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good works.. well done brother..

There is a very interesting DLT, called NEM, that uses PoI (Proof of Importance). It is like an improved PoS.
More info about NEM here

New MovieCoin white paper was released. Very interested in that coin, any chance you can do a review on that? I posted an update on my steem

Very nice explanation. Thanks for sharing!


@crypto-luke Thank you for watching! Glad you liked it!