Bitcoin Cash Draws Close! What Way Will It Go?

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash Has Been A Favorite Of Mine To Trade In Recent Weeks, Now We Are Getting To The Point Where The Market Is Trying To Decide What Direction To Go.

Highlight In Green Is Our Bullish Ascending Triangle, Bitcoin Cash Will Have To Decide What Way It Wants To Go As It Draws Closer To The Apex.

A Break Up Will See Our First Target Reached Fairly Quickly, But A Break Down Will Have Us Ranging In The Grey Area Highlighted, A Must Hold Area If Broken Will See Our Reversal up Trend Void & Most Likely Going Back To Retest The Reversal Low.

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This Is Not Financial Advice

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It can follows the BTC trend.


Absolutely the 4 hour charts are somewhat similar

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Never owned any bitcoin cash but we will watch it with a microscope for a couple days to see how it goes.

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Sadly but cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail revealed it had suffered a hack over the weekend it push down any crypto coins

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