Betting Game - Good News for All - No Losers - Everyone will make money

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 Hey Steemians, 

 We have some great news for you! 

 Now you can play bets without worry! Because you don't lose your money. How? 


Every Loser of a Bet Gets - Upvote from @betgames worth $1SBD for every $1SBD of bet

 if you don't have 15 quality posts, we will keep voting for your new quality posts until you are paid what you have bet!! 


And you already know what does winner of a bet gets, Winner gets instant money from losers bet distributed equally

So to summarize:

  • Winner always gets anything >$1SBD based on how many losers are there.
  • Loser get upvote from @betgames worth $1 SBD ( current voting power of @betgames = 0.07SBD, so total of 15 upvotes on 15 posts= 15*0.07 = $1.05 SBD, this will take some time as we can't vote too many posts a day ), remember to have some quality content
  • What does @betgames get? @betgames get a fee of 10% from total bet amount


To help us vote losers more efficiently with bigger vote value per vote, so that we can get their loss recovered as soon as possible, we would love more SP delegated to us.
If we get lot of SP we can vote for both losers, winners as well as the delegators for their quality content.
So you earn by delegate, you earn via betting, you earn even if you lose.

So we are here with delegation service as well.

For every 100 SP you delegate to @betgames, you will receive $2 SBD a month from @betgames

Note: payouts will be made every 15 days, if you undelegate before 15 days you won't get the payout

Delegate 100SP = You get $2SBD every 30 days

Delegate 500SP = You get $10SBD every 30 days

Delegate 1000SP = You get $20SBD every 30 days

Delegate 5000SP = You get $100SBD every 30 days

You can make delegations for any amount>= 100SP, for every 100 SP you delegate you will get $2 SBD per 30 days

To make custom delegations you can use the delegation manager avaialble at 

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