BetGames - Game 1 Winners are here - And Game 2 Announcement

in betgames •  6 months ago

Hey Steemians,

We have completed a successful Game 1 betting.


What did steemians bet on? - Australia Vs England ODI Match 1 held on June 13, 2018

How many bets did we receive? 26

Following are the information on Winners.

Congratulations to All Winners:

#UserNameBet ForBet Amount (SBD)Team ID 
1@jancharlestB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
2@beggarsB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
4@ubfitzoneB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
8@salomijaleB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
10@elevator09B12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
13@artonmysleeveB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
15@btcsamB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
16@sisygoboomB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
18@ezraabasB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
21@linkinparkB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
23@vinaykumarrB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD
26@clickedB12Paid Out 1.95 SBD

Following is the payment proof:

So what happens to the losers?

As we promised we have started upvoting posts of losers to cover their betting investment.
Yes, we understand it's going to take time for us to pay them back as we have only 500 SP at this point.
But we hope to get some delegation in future, so that we can pay back the losers more quickly.
However, in a way this is good for steemit platform. As the losers will stick with platform for long to receive their investment back!! Isn't that lovely to keep people on this awesome platform!!

We have already completed one round of voting, we will go through everyone's post, see if they have received any downvotes for content copying, if they are violating our terms, we won't be upvoting them. Our one and only term is please have your own content, don't copy other's content!! we will also consider comments to upvote if you don't have your own post

Following are the list of losers, and how much amount we have voted them for, and how much is left.
we are going to upvote them for a total of 1.25 SBD so that they don't lose on curation!!

#UserNameBet ForBet Amount (SBD) Votes Awarded So FarVotes Left to Award
3@johnstoneA1Will receive upvote0.061.19
5@gazisahadatA1Will receive upvote0.061.19
6@tsnaksA1Will receive upvote0.061.19
7@summisimeonA1Will receive upvote0.061.19
9@stever82A1Will receive upvote0.061.19
11@bakhtiarzehriA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
12@moneymindedA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
14@andrewharlandA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
17@scottcbusinessA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
19@apon6431A1Will receive upvote0.041.21
20@steemingmarkA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
22@ritaemaneulA1Will receive upvote0.051.2
24@d-goldA1Will receive upvote0.061.19
25@lovetaxi005A1Will receive upvote0.051.2

We have also refunded the SBD for those who sent their bet after the deadline!

Ok , everything about Game 1 is said and Done , now let's hop onto Game 2 details

FIFA is here, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Please note following important details before you place your bet for Game 2

  • How many games we will bet per week ? - Anywhere between 1 to 2 games per week
  • Why don't you bet every day ? - Because we need to pay back the losers via upvote and we don't have enough SP to keep placing bets every day! In future we will increase number of bets per week
  • Which game are we betting on next? - We will be betting on Germany Vs Mexico match on Sunday, June 17, 2018
  • Till when I can place bet (deadline)?- You have time until 30 minutes before the game starts on Sunday
  • How much can you bet ?- You can place bet anywhere between 1 SBD to 10 SBD
  • What is the fee on winning amount? - We have reduced our fee to 5%

Please send your bet amount to @betgames with which of the following you want to bet on in the Memo.

Memo should have any of the following
A) Germany Wins
B) Draw
C) Mexico Wins

Please note what the winners get and what the losers get, and what are the odds?

TeamOddsBet AmtWinner gets (SBD)Loser get (Helps to make users stay on steemit for long term and also gives us time to acquire SP)Fee
Germany1/21 SBD to 10 SBD per account1.5 times Bet AmountUpvote worth bet amount received over a period of 120 days (i.e you get back total investment paid over 120 days)5% on winning amount
Draw7/21 SBD to 10 SBD per account4.5 times Bet AmountUpvote worth bet amount received over a period of 90 days (i.e you get back total investment paid over 90 days)5% on winning amount
Mexico13/21 SBD to 10 SBD per account7.5 times Bet AmountUpvote worth bet amount received over a period of 60 days (i.e you get back total investment paid over 60 days)5% on winning amount

You can go ahead and start betting on Game 2 mentioned above.

We will announce Game 3 only after we complete Game 2 and finish paying out the winners

Delegators are needed, We request all the whales for help

Our current SP is at 500 SP, which will take us long time to payback the losers of a bet. So we have introduced a delegation service:

For every 100 SP you delegate to @betgames, you will receive $2 SBD a month from @betgames

Note: payouts will be made every 15 days, if you undelegate before 15 days you won't get the payout

Delegate 100SP = You get $2SBD every 30 days

Delegate 500SP = You get $10SBD every 30 days

Delegate 1000SP = You get $20SBD every 30 days

Delegate 5000SP = You get $100SBD every 30 days

You can make delegations for any amount>= 100SP, for every 100 SP you delegate you will get $2 SBD per 30 days

To make custom delegations you can use the delegation manager avaialble at


Go ahead and bet, win SBD if you win bet, get your investment back as upvote if you lose bet

Note: Any images used in this post are labeled for reuse!

We always promote risk free betting, good content from authors and expect our users to stay on steemit platform long term

We also want to spread an awareness to everyone that Gambling is not good for making a living out of it, it must be done for fun and entertainment purpose only!

Our betting game ensures that you never lose your money! Lets all grow together and make this a better community!

Join our discord channel:

Current Bets on Game 2 can be tracked in here


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Cool idea to make the loser stay in the platform until to get back their lost bet. For the meantime they need to make valuable post. That takes time for them to fell in the platform and maybe who knows what it can bring. Kind of something exciting to have something to look for while watching your favorite sports games


Very interesting, do your best in this field, I Like your efforts.

So you don't have to bet/transfer in increments of 1.00 anymore?


Nope, you can transfer anywhere between 1 SBD and 10 SBD per account.

Checkout current bets on this link

I'm pretty new to steemit and This is awesome I'll be placing some bets as soon as i can pick up some SBD

Very good job! This time I have enough money to bet! First time, and I will be with you guys for long!
You had a very cool idea

You are doing very hardwork hope to see you grow more and more you also need to do a competition so you can get more audience here..

congratulations to all who won something

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 2 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!

Ok, I am the loser for that 1st game, but I am not disappointed because @betgames is going to upvote my quality 15 posts for the total amount that I lost - 1 SBD. I like such rules!)) Please go check them for quality!)


We have already started upvoting your posts , until we recover your loss of 1SBD , I.e we will upvote you for 1.25 SBD considering that 0.25 will go for curation!

We try to vote at least once a day for every person who lost the bet! When we receive more delegates we can do it more quickly 🙂



Including the curation for everyone is way better now. But shouldn't it be 1.33 SBD? So that after curation they will receive the 1 SBD?

Also is it possible to place multiple bets on different outcomes?


Nope for Game 2 as of now only 1 bet per account, regarding curation, as our SP increase we don’t mind upvoting even more than 1.33 , we want make sure we upvote every loser and everyone is happy.

everyone is betting germany how are you going to make any money from this?


Well, our motivation now is to engage users. We know this game we may have to pay from our pocket, however, We will introduce league kind of betting after game 2, where we too will make profit.


fair i suppose that is the betting industry =]

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I bet 10 SBD(Germany wins) >> Germany wins >> I get 15 SBD



You will get 14.25 SBD (5% fee) if Germany wins

what mexico lost!!!!!!!!!!


Germany lost! Mexico has pulled off an upset of the tournament here!!


crap wrong way around lol!

I am super happy having won against all initial odds! Sorry for everyone who lost though. Didn't expect Mexico to win myself.