Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #293 'Surrounded By Stone'

in art •  8 months ago

'Surrounded By Stone'

Two plants are thriving surrounded by the unhospitable stone. There seems to be nothing that sustains life. Yet, here they are, like two people walking alone in the desert. If it was only a single plant, it would appear sad, wouldn't it? With the two of them, it appears adventurous to an extent but even that cannot strip away the fact that they barely ever feel the sunlight on their leaves. When people find themselves in this situation, they walk away, move, go someplace else. Plants, they cannot. They need to accept the fact and continue their life. Is it a lesson to be learned?

The strong green colour accent of the leaves, in otherwise greyish, quite colourless composition, leaves an impact on the observer. However, notice the 'inner' part of the image containing a slight overlay of blue and green that goes well with the yellowish 'outside'. We can find a similar observation regarding the tonality. On the outside, we have a small pointed patch of sunlight, opposed to the larger inner shade. That patch tells us how far away it is from the plants.

Most of the composition is consisting of shapes, there are not many lines except for the side walls, the plants and edges. All of the stone and concrete areas have sharp cut edges, while the plant is organic, soft and tender. This signifies the strength of life. It can thrive in places where we'd reckon impossible.

So can a human! ;)

Enjoy! :)

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really its very nice art of small plants.this is a high thought quality of your knowledge skills..just excellent shots photography of art.. Plants need sunlight to grow. With water without sunlight, the plant will grow high quickly, but it will look yellow and lack water, although when touched, the leaves are palpable very wet.From the above understanding has been alluded to that, with sunlight the plant will perform the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of forming food substances glucose in plants that use nutrients, water and carbon dioxide. thanks to sharing for your awesome creativity..my dear friend @velimir take care yourself and best of luck of your great work..

There are two lovely green plants.
If you consider one of them as Positive energy and another one as You creativity.
Maybe both of them are soft and little thing than the hard concrete but Take a deep look. Both positive energy and your creativity defeated that stronger, harder concrete .
They came out successfully from down by their struggle. In this picture those little things teach us to stay positive and stay depended on your own creativity to become successful in life to prevent all hard negative things.
Here was my opinion came out after watching your picture.
Thanks @velimir Sir for sharing this amazing photo.

Light is an external or external factor that affects growth and development in plants.

Plants placed in sun-exposed rooms will grow healthier and fresher than plants placed in a sunless room.

Plants use sunlight to photosynthesize and make food. Without the sun light, there would be no life on Earth. In addition to react on plants and sunlight can also react to a person's health, both good and bad. In light, the human body produces its own vitamin D. Too long exposed to sunlight can cause skin burns.

Plants need sunlight to grow. With water without sunlight, the plant will grow high quickly, but it will look yellow and lack water, although when touched, the leaves are palpable very wet.

From the above understanding has been alluded to that, with sunlight the plant will perform the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of forming food substances (glucose) in plants that use nutrients, water and carbon dioxide.

The last couple of days I was not here, now I'm back home. Although I was very tired, I decided to come here to make comments :)

Recently being on the road, I reflected on the triumph of nature. That is, I thought that mankind destroys nature on a daily basis, but it can not be defeated. This photo reflects this idea.

I liked your thoughts for this photo. Indeed, we see a couple of plants that, despite the circumstances, continue to develop and, most importantly, they continue to live. What do people do in this situation? What do people do when they are surrounded by problems and difficulties around them? The correct answer is that they start giving up and dropping their hands. People tend (not all people) to fill their heads with negative thoughts. Thoughts make us who we are, but excessive thoughts (when you focus your attention on the problem) are fraught with bad consequences. Therefore, many people give up when you can not give up.

I liked the principle of these plants. They do not think about the problems. They do not think that there is asphalt around. They just continue to reach for the light and continue to grow. They do what they can. Evil color attracts attention and means growth and development. Continue to move up no matter what - this should be the motto of people. But alas this is not always the case.

Thank you!

A view that shows the challenges of life @velimir, this is real life in fact.

How do you think of these two?

this is a view of human life today, how this is made a very meaningful learning for a purpose, a very useful thing I get from you that this is something that gives a motivation in this life is a life challenge is very extraordinary, that everyone will afraid of what's happening now. Do not know where we are, whether we are in the desert or in the mountains or where we are if this life is alone or alone, surely we will get a light of success or power in life.

these two plants become the motivation in our life when this becomes a, when the plants are moved elsewhere or in a good place with enough sunlight then the plant will grow quickly.begitu too when we reality that we must feel in this life in this life span,

This life color is very different from others but how these colors will give prosperity in our lives in the future, the purpose of life is how this journey can give meaning meaning.

We win together

See you on the top

So he is a friend, your photos, although you always show such ordinary things, it becomes extraordinary because of your characteristics when describing, you are fantastic. The most important thing is not the camera, but the eye.

The skill in photography is acquired with practice, and not buying.

Nature as it's best and my friend this is what God is all about.

He is the one who is the creator and he is the one finisher.
We can't even imagine how these things are working, Our mind stuck at one point and we can't think beyond it.
AT this Point the greatness of God Starts :)

I am not surprised by these plants . i am surprised by your imagination your thoughts hahaha .
Awesome dear . you are very strong in imagination and its good . keep doing like this.
Its very interesting and very meaning full photo . life sustain every very, unless the GOD want

Cute post the photography is great.

Wow perfect work the plant series is awsome love your work

That's the difference between plants and human, human beings will move from one spot to another until they find that place that is okay for them .... But for plant they have to stay and fight their way through thick and thin.

But above all, some times in life we need to behave like these plants, not every situation in life requires moving out of that spot, so requires you to stay and compete for your own spot.

@velimir to tell you the truth, i have learn something from you today, and that is

"* to behave like a plant in a desert without sunlight but still survives the hurdles*"

Thank you for this wonderful post, i enjoyed and leartn something from it too.

this is really awesome... the plants are togather... sorounding the rock... creative post...

Wow, you find interesting objects related to the techniques in the movie! Really a good discovery. This is my first blogwalking at your account and I'm your new follower.

Nice to meet you on Steemit

beautiful reflection that makes us think about how wonderful nature is and how the path between the most adverse conditions.

What is the name of the photo? A crack in the asphalt?

Hey @velimir!
We really like your photo and especially the philosophical description and interpretation :)

We just relaunched our art project here on steemit and we would like to do some community art. It would be super awesome if we could feature you in our next community art post!
Your Photography will be “artstracted“, the rewards of the community art posts will be shared :)

Have a look on our introduceyourself post if you would like to know how they might look like when they have been artstracted :)

Keep up the nice work, looking forward to your next text and photos :)
Best wishes!

Hola @velimir
La naturaleza sabia. El crecimiento de estas y otras puede ser sumamente nocivo para las edificaciones.

The lights are so cute, love the natural pics so much

Amazing post sharing bro... I think you are a big plants lover..... I am also bro.... Nice

Great post; thanks for sharing. Beautiful pic. Followed!
I have recently created my blog, I invite you to check my posts! Thx

A good lesson in this photo!

This image reminds me of the war I live with the weeds coming through my patio stones. They keep coming back stronger than before. No matter what I do. I come out a few days later and there they are, poking through again, taunting me. LOL A neat capture from that angle though.

oh no friend i see this my mouth is quiet i dont say about the god

This is awesome.... I love the plants by the wall and the stones gracing the scene, looks great

It is an interesting way to see life, it is as if no matter where you are if you want to succeed and grow as a person you must put, the rest will be obstacles and it is up to you to overcome

It's amazing how something so simple you can find a great reflection, we should be like plants, stop suffering for our surroundings and start living and adapting to our environment

Simply intrigued in a simple picture you integrate your words in a great way of wisdom and efficiency calling more the etencion, greetings @velimir.

The simplicity of this photo makes it tenuous to others, although I would like to see it as a challenge to take a picture of someone moving in a specific place to see how you highlight in your text.


What a high resolution, I know that the photos are yours but what camera do you use, I am interested, in addition very good topic to be written, you have a great talent with this kind of things, regards.