Leaving Our Mark In Lake Park #4 : Progress 2

in art •  9 months ago

We are almost halfway complete. A lot of the subject matter is taking shape and coming to life, But much more to come. Who is your favorite artist so far? Let us know in your comments below.


Only 11 days until the unveiling, May 12, so now we need your help more than ever in our fundraising efforts. Remember, you get some awesome rewards in return for donating. Check them out here and most importantly spread the word : https://igg.me/at/FGQzLHUc6O8/x/935803

I will be posting progress shots over the next few weeks to document the entire process as this new mural comes to life. I am so excited to bring you all along on this project. All upvotes will be going directly to this project and supporting local artists.

(In full disclosure, I will be using upvote bots to increase donations)

Donate Here : https://igg.me/at/FGQzLHUc6O8/x/935803

To learn more on how to become a part of the project, visit KelseyCares.org. And don’t forget to check out all of the upcoming events at the Brewhouse and The Kelsey Theater. There’s something for everyone!

Thank you for reading and please consider upvoting this post, following me, and leaving a comment. If you're looking to go the extra mile in helping me on my journey, also please consider a re–steem so I am able to reach your audience. The steemit community means the world to me and I look forward to posting daily content with all of you.

As my account grows, it is becoming more difficult to reply to every comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to respond. I can guarantee I at least read every comment given. I am dedicated to spending a full-time effort on this platform. Any reproduction of my work without written consent is strictly prohibited. Please remember the best way to grow our community is by producing outstanding original content of your own to share with all of us.

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Great job abrockman! This is a great help for the artists you're doing! Keep up the great job! I am an artist myself! Come and join us at steemschools at: https://discord.gg/uuTxHcC. See you there!


hi @aidasfg7
nice comment & receive from me some giftIMG_5860.JPG


Yeah @abrockman. This intiative is unique indeed. Many presidents have failed to do what you're doing for the streets stunnerman!


Top dollar boys loving it

This post is doing good and the cause is great.
drawings are out of this world.
Keep on steemin'

Lake Park about new post

new top art is look, art doll photo new zoo lifee looke art, new zoo art photo all friend see pleas,see pleas


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Hey man, that's some trippy mural you're making! Cool one.

great Graffitti work. I used too do things like this for fun. not as impressive.

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Is this some kind of sect? You drugs there, guys?


awesome comment dear /@keter

Some pretty trippy murals my friend. 🙌🏼

wow beautiful art great work

This art is lovely. Reminds me of my graffiti days in California

Great work! I only had one shot at painting a mural as a kid and I don't even have a picture of my work. Now, we're so lucky since can preserve all these on Steemit.


I agree Steemit for life

All the best on your cause @abrockman! I hope that for now, my upvote and resteem will count. And I also hope many more will do the same. 😀

P.S. Looking forward to May 12!


hi dear @michelleast
very excellent & from me some giftIMG_5793.JPG


work is exciting

This looks fabulous!

very inspirational post for artist around the word @abrockman I appreciate this awesome art work, keep sharing more 😊👏👌✌👍


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Thank You! ⚜

great post thanks for sharing


hi dear @alauddinsee
thank you IMG_5757.JPG


Did you do this one? Looks very good!

Wowwww @abrockman that is so freaking cool...wish to have that here in cebu

This is a real collective art project! Congratulations on the initiative and I can also tell you that in my small Italian world (lazio-Terracina) we have street art and also the school where I teach murales. By the way, we are doing some with my students. Great!!!!@abrockman ! I prefere EMO!

a part of the mural


Buenos días @abrockaman ,excelente proyecto artístico y social,me encanto como camuflaste la pared con todas esas tuberías y detalles de fachada,hiciste una gran transformación ,muy llamativa, que quien pase por hay no se dará cuenta de los objetos que tiene la pared,te felicito,sigue adelante ,espero también contar con tu apreciación,saludos y mil bendiciones ,me encanto

Hello @abrockaman, excellent artistic and social project, I loved how you camouflaged the wall with all those pipes and façade details, you made a great transformation, very striking, that whoever passes by there will not notice the objects that the wall has , I congratulate you, keep going, I also hope to have your appreciation, greetings and a thousand blessings, I love it

Increible, no hay un lugar en el mundo donde el arte no este presente.
Que viva el arte sinónimo de vida, liberdad , espontaneidad, vida. Gracias por publicar

inspiring paintings


inspiring words

Great job abrockman! This is a great help for the artists you're doing!
thank you for the gold info you give in this community!

Great job friend really really fabulous...This is in my opinion, real art, very interesting, the expression of an artist, spreading and expressing art, thanks a lot...



kelseycares is completing an extremely decent work and the technique for raising money is magnificent the way in which it is supporting the underprivileged and influencing them to carry on with their life influencing them to feel that they convey delight to the general public is extremely worth while.

I simply tail you.

Magnificent work!

Thank you so much for sharing, greatly appreciated form this end.

Namaste :)

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This is a real art because it is based on anarchy and creativity.

@abrockman seeing your art made me happy that I woke up this morning. I know that this is going to be the best day ever now. I love the progress yall making. When i show the homez they're bound to jizz in their pants without hesitation..

Very Nice. This post is powered by bot.
Good luck for your trending post

great post thanks for sharing

really very interesting article .... very beautiful

Those are good murals. I hope more people can appreciate the beauty of this art and respect it like paintings and masterpieces. Just don't forget to put them in proper places :)

I like this photos!!!!



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beautiful grafitty

WOW WOW WOW!!....I only can say that, CONGRATULATIONS..is a wonderful project, i could not say who is my favorite artist, because I loved all, you´re great! is necessary visit the link for meet the project...Thanks for sharing!!!

hi @abrockman
very awesome graphics

full of creativity, endless inspiration

Wow wonderful post

wow the talented artists

Creativity At Its Best👍👍👍

güzel bir sanat otopark güzelleşmiş :)

I really like the lady in the corset with the eyes white with no pupils. It's creepy yet not too creepy. Love it 😜. The cartoon characters are very well done! Thank you for sharing!

very cool

amazing design's art..
that is so great..

Awesome work!!!

Nice post, so cool!

wow! its very beautiful ...

Wow!! it's a great job.carry on bro.
Hi i am @shorifulislam.Can we be friend..??

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This is amazing!!!

Brother amazing artists you are🤙
Keep spraying your love every where you go🦋
You got @thenamadicway 's support✊

Namasté & Love
Nama & Robin🐾

Nice wall painting

I’ve always been a fan of street art since I was a kid. We have a few places in the city where artist bless the space with some amazing work. I will try to roll by a few spots and take some pictures. Thanks for this wonderful post.


fantastic art. thanks for sharing

beğendiğim ve yapmak istediğim en güzel yeteneklerden biri, tebrik ederim

Great job! You have a unique and colorful style.

Beautiful cartoons, you are talented

Great job abrockman!

Naice post

You have done very nice works for artists.

Yes I agree with you that it is necessary to produce our own unique original content


good job wonderful painting

nice work!

beautiful murals! i love this kind of stuff because it prevents the less good graffiti sprayers leaving their mark on every possible wall!

keep up with the good work :)

I do not know why in many places it is forbidden to do this type of art, if in some way they give life to an empty space

i resteem your post

Keep up the good work man. This type of art is really beautiful. I hope you get to visit the Philippines sometime.

love the artwork super cool

Where is it? I's amazing! congratulations brother.

UpVoted!! .. Great Work. We are also utilizing blockchain to help the homeless and mental health. Its amazing what we all can do now to help the world. https://steemit.com/nonprofit/@cryptokingz/oul9kxgd

brutally beautiful brother

What artists can do with their bare hands has always driven me crazy! I'd love to walk by that mural everyday of my life, we don't have such amazing artwork in here :(

I hope my upvote helps you finish your work guys. Looking forward to May 12.

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A really cool idea and great street art.

kelseycares is doing a very nice work and the method of fundraising is excellent the manner in which it is supporting the underprivileged and making them live their life making them feel that they bring joy to the society is really worth while

things really coming along! kudos!

really nice wonderfuul talent. beautiful upvoted follow greeting from Canada

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You are so creative and talented ....nice...

Your painting so good. I can't forget it. Your post is so amazing.

@abrockman what a nice project to support new artist. Thank you for that! Is this project only for street painters?

Wow nice

Great post. Good job. Nice concept

You are a great artist. good job.