Guadalajara, Mexico Then And Now - A Tour Through The Historic Center

in architecture •  8 months ago

A Guadalajara local reached out to us recently wanting to show us around the Historic Center of Guadalajara. He's knowledgeable about architecture and history and he thought it could make for a good video.

We agreed, so we decided to take him up on his offer!

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


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Greetings, tangerine travel

Thank you very much for showing us another location of Mexico. I was wondering if you are Mexicans or Americans who are "tourist" in Mexico. In addition to this beautiful country, usually travel to another location.

When I go to Mexico, if someday I want know Acapulco. This town was famous because of the series of keys. I imagine that many tourists frequent this hotel until today to know where the Keys stuck.

Thank you for posting and good night!!!

From Mexico you hear many things, but without a doubt your videos show a lot the beauty of this country, it's the best way to get to know a place and not get carried away by bad tongues, they're great guys

Oh guys, you provide so much information that I have to take notes about what I want to comment on because there is no way that I would remember by the end of the video :D

First of all, thank you for this detailed video about the history of Guadalajara! I would not expect there is so much too see!

In Slovakia we also name the streets after important people. It is then easy to remember (if you have a bit of the background).

I love the different types of architecture that you showed us. It clearly shows the influence of different countries in Mexico in the past.

And that woman who found the city!? Wow! What a great solution she had! :D

I don't know what to think about the fountain with the snake. Hmmm.. how could that happen that the head is too heavy?! :D

Keep up doing these videos!

Good day tangerine travels! Guadalajara has a lot of history I'm happy you are taking the time to enjoy even the things behind the city, we have a lot of history here in Mexico. Gracias por llevar la cultura mexicana a todo el mundo!


It was really cool to make this video and learn so much about the history of the city! As we get more knowledgeable, our appreciations for things start to grow.

I haven't been to Mexico before, but I leant there is a lot of architectural design and beautiful places there including hills and volcano, rocks with waterfalls and other beautiful things that are present in Mexico. I know all this through @tangerinetravels. Thanks for your updates.

hello friends thank you for sharing that beautiful city, knowing the history is understanding our ancestors.


Thanks for watching! We really enjoyed learning about it all and making this video :)

At 3:00 you mention something a bit unsettling: Mexicans didn't want to get rid if Spain at the start, but of France that had invaded Spain! Bonaparte had taken over the Crown at Spain and deposed both Ferdinand VII (the true king) and his father, and placed his brother Joseph instead... The first rebellions were against the French, and in favour of the Spanish... Some patriotic flags even bore the letters FVII atop of them: Ferdinand VII.

So "the thumb of Spain" is not too accurate, because we all speak Spanish and (most of us) practice Christianity, which are both Spanish heirlooms. We did want an autonomous government (also here in South America), and the Republican systems already in place in Spain, the USA and France (and also Greece ages ago) seemed more fitting for the times that ran back then... NOTHING PERSONAL, FERDINAND. xD

Edit: wow, I do have to add, what a fantastic building that one is! Teatro Municipal? Nice neoclassical style! would be grand to see it some day, ill write it down 8-)


Thank you for the clarification. Our tour guide wanted us to do the majority of the talking, so we were trying to relay accurate information. We're not knowledgeable about the history, but we probably could have phrased that part a little better. Thanks for watching!


No problem. Thanks to you for the vid! #History matters a lot to me; probably a lot less to other people, but still, for the likes of me, the clarification is important. We've lived deceived for ages thinking all sorts of things about our #European forefathers, when in fact, they were not as looked down upon as we've been led to believe. For instance, the great "liberator" of #SouthAmerica, #SimonBolivar, started his "revolution" to amass power and take it from Spain-borne #Spanish (he was a colony-borne Spanish, a #creole or "mantuano"). He also did not come up with the first Republics in #Hispanic spheres; the #FirstSpanishRepublic won the race there. Above all, he did not mean to revolt against the Spanish (at least not at first), but against the #French, as I already stated. So yeah, a bit of "Plus Ultra" from me. :D Thanks for reading.

History is very vital. It teaches us so much about events of time past and makes us appreciate it even the more. I am sure you will start viewing things more now, knowing they have stories behind them. When the purpose of a thing isn't known, abuse is inevitable, so I will say the same thing about history. If the story about a place isn't know, misplaced value is inevitable. You guys did amazing taking us through this. I am not only living in Mexico via your videos hahahaha, I have first hand classic infos about some places too. This is all credit to you guys. Gracias Amigos

It is very good that you learn and share the history of Mexico. I do not know much history of Guadalajara, and your information is pretty good. and I did not know the meaning of Guadalajara I thought it was from Nahuatl. Saludos!

Where's Laska? Are Mexican historical sites not dog friendly?


She could've come with but we didn't want to have to deal with her antics while we were getting a tour from a new friend.

Another great video. Thanks for sharing. 📹

Hi over there, I just started following your stuffs here on steemit.. You guys are amazing! Kudos

Thank you, through this video we have learned more about the country of Mexico with something new.