The Rise Of The Inauthentic Man- Why Fake Masculinity And Pick Up Artists Are Part Of The Problem

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The rise of the inauthentic male is now a huge problem in society. What has happened to men and why have we become a shadow of our true selves?

To answer this question is very complex, firstly we have to ask ourselves what it should mean to be a male. I would look no further than studying the true essence of the sacred masculine energy which when activated in a man is about purpose, mission, action taking, drive, and most of all the role of the protector of the innocent and vulnerable. An energy which, in its true expression, is a cradle for the divine feminine energy to express her natural care, nurturing, and loving qualities into the World. Unfortunately, this rise of the inauthentic male is failing to do that.

As I talk about in the video below these innate feminine qualities are absolutely essential in order to birth a new paradigm into existence. Because that is what the feminine does, she creates, she rebirths, and unless the masculine is in their essence it becomes a lot more difficult for that to happen. The social conditioners of society know these two energies very well, which is why so much is done to bastardise and skew both of them, because essentially if you can keep both sexes away from their natural essence and energy then it disrupts society making it easier to control and dominate, particularly if you knock the sacred masculine out.


The rise of the inauthentic male is now all about fake confidence, bravado, and macho which has nothing to do with protecting the innocence being slaughtered around them. Its all about how many bench press-ups you can do down the gym, how many hookups you can get on Tinder, and how many pints you can down with your mates down the pub. Its about viewing the feminine as an object to be used and abused, which of course is drummed into us from all angles through advertising, pornography, and a general sexual undertone to everything these days.

In the video I explain how men are being funneled towards a phony 'fake it till you make it' type of confidence because they are unwilling to do any kind of emotional work, and to heal the reasons as to why they lack confidence in the first place! Pick up artists on Youtube teaching men how to be fake, macho, and like I say inauthentic. Don't get me wrong the feminine energy is being totally corrupted too bythis new wave of feminism and many other types of conditioning but that is for another blog.

We see the dynamics playing out in all aspects of society. Many women do not feel safe with this version of masculinity around, and men are fed up because many women are not in their natural essence either. So this 'Tinder society' breeds a kind of fake connection, where people are not looking to really bond on any deep level, probably down to fear mostly, and the fact that we also don't really understand each other anymore.

We are both confused because we have forgotten and lost our core and our divine nature. Does anyone really think that sending lewd messages over Facebook and dick pictures is an expression of how men should be acting? Is this really masculinity expressing its true power in the World? Men that do this are really an embarrassment to the rest of us. Are we just here to cheer on our favorite sports team, and cry when they lose? Are there not a million more things going on in the World that we SHOULD be getting upset about?


Why are men not getting upset about child trafficking going on under their noses? Torture, rape, and murder of innocent babies and children? Why are men not getting upset about their government's illegal invasion of foreign lands to steal oil and resources whilst murdering more people that did them no harm? And why are these so-called 'heroes' in the military ( who we are told are REAL men) fighting wars for paedophile politicians to do such things?

When are we as men going to become the leaders that we should all become? Not following others but becoming our own leaders, with courage, bravery, and care for the World our children will grow up in? It's surely time for the men of this World to snap out of their amnesia and step up to the plate and become the TRUE expression of masculinity that will hold space for the feminine to nurture and rebirth a World of peace, love, and abundance.

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I am coming back here to read properly... bookmarked

Authenticity - this is the word that defines our evolution; both personally and on a social level. It's the acknowledgement of truth itself. It implies clarity of thought and accuracy of expression. It's the antidote for the poisonous deception that plagues our world.

Delving beneath the surface to uncover the true needs that motivate each and every one of us is the first step; then applying strategies for meeting these needs that consider their universality, such that we not only fulfill them for ourselves, but for others as well.

Success can only be claimed when this latter criteria is met, as the cause-and-effect of natural law will assure that no long-term benefit may be attained in the absence of Love.

Keep it real. That means seeking truth and committing to it - in regard to yourself, others, and the larger universe in which we exist. This is the call to Authenticity.


A most excellent post @tonysayers33 it is something that I've also noticed over the years and seems to be all part of the ever changing energies coming in and other energies leaving. It certainly is a time of changes and who knows what the implications may be down~the~line. But, to be honest, and being one who is aware to this sort of thing, I've never seen so many changes in our behaviour happen this quickly. Whatever is needed in the whole scheme of things...seems to be happening quite fast, doesn't it. Thanks again for posting this.

All the best to you,


I was out with friends yesterday for a birthday, drinking all day type of thing. I was the only female in the group. When we caught the train home, our carriage was full of drunk men as some local rugby matches had taken place that day between two big local teams. I was also one of 4 females on that carriage, and at each stop it got fuller and fuller of drunk males. The carriage erupted into rugby songs, some rather nasty racist, and full of prejudice songs. My friends were all drunk, watching them try to sing was amusing, but I was disappointed to see them singing along with the negative side of some of these songs. About 30 minutes into the train ride the carriage was absolutely packed. Some of the men were trying to banter with the group of 3 girls sitting at the other end, nothing horrific, but why do they think it's ok? If one of them walked passed she would be bombarded with comments and glaring eyes, they seemed to not mind it actually, and this greatly bothered me.

About 100 men were proudly singing about their favourite sports teams with some sense of blind pride, referring to their teams as 'we' etc. I seem to be the only analyst on the carriage, or maybe the most sober as I am not a huge fan of getting ridiculously drunk. But i sat there watching everybody, a million questions racing through my mind, why are you all so passionate about this, some huge sense of unity over something pretty trivial in my mind, referring to your selves as 'we' like you are a part of the team and you played those matches, and coming together to chant such negative things, literally like a herd they were.

Dont get me wrong i think sports are great and it's great to bring people together, but yes to go with what you were saying, this is when they band together, intoxicated on a train singing racist, sexist, ill founded songs, pouring all their energy, there was so much energy flowing, into that. The train ride was an hour and 20 minutes for us, and i could not escape. I ended up snuggling into the corner pulling my coat totally over my head, it felt like a shield from the intense concentration of energy which although was not aggressive or violent, and was full of laughter, it was carrying something else with it, a negative undertone and i could feel that, and it made me so uneasy.

Totally baffles me at times. If they could all get together, and not jsut men, women included,and direct such a sense of unity and all of that energy towards a more purposeful goal then imagine what we could do.

I suppose many would disagree with me and maybe just think i am negative. Maybe I am, but i see it, everywhere, and i cant un-see it.

I am of course not referring to all males in general, i know several who are very switched on, but i do agree, there is a mass social conditioning to direct the masculine energy elsewhere.

Really enjoyed this blog. Thanks. Was just the thing i needed to read because things like this play on my mind for a long time, I was sitting here sipping tea playing it over and over, just unable to comprehend it really. This is one reason why i came to steemit, i know i am not the only one who sees it, but it can get lonely when you're the only one in your social settings who does to such a level. And this has been great for me, as if 'ah yeah, im not just a miserable spoil sport, other people are talking about it too'.